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Controversy / Morality


Guys, how do you feel about being circumcised? 2017-05-25
Love it, hate it, or something in between? Register your feelings.
Unsuitable for family viewing? 2017-04-24
My new polls have been denied inclusion in the Misterpoll directories yet again! Obviously this ...
Judicial Corporal Punishment 2017-04-21
Nowadays, most of the countries prohibits to use of corporal punishment as a form of judicial pun...
Embarrassment to Punish: Your pre-1990 memory, as a boy spanked by a man 2017-04-14
Before 1990, in many jurisdictions, when men punished boys, embarrassment could be worse than pai...
At what age did you have your first enjoiable sexual contact? 2017-04-06 (closed)
Not all sexual experiences are bad when we were younger. Think back on that and you'll answer hon...
AP English Gender Final 2017-03-16
Please take a few moments to answer these questions for my AP English gender final.
How it was for boys punished by men before 1990 2017-03-12
Men, tell us a memory of bare butt CP by a man, as it used to be, when you were a boy before 1990
Boys vs Girls 2017-02-21
Saw a similar poll. Was inspired.
Driving 2017-02-05
Democracy. Should a leader do what the public want? 2017-02-01
American Democracy? As the most democratic nation on Earth Americans firmly believe that THEIR le...
Aunty Dilemma 2016-12-26
This is something that actually happened to me a few years ago. I was staying with an uncle and ...
Adult Polls on Misterpoll 2016-12-09
A poll to determine usage of Misterpoll and sentiment towards Misterpoll after the the eliminatio...
Age appropriate boundaries 2016-12-06
Boundaries between parents and their kids, considering age and gender.
Should I put locked bars on my windows and deadbolts that requit 2016-10-30
Should I put locked bars on my windows and deadbolts that requit
#BlackLivesMatter 2016-10-13
The #blacklivesmatter movement has sparked debate about whether it is a racist terrorist movement
Females: do you really believe these signs / adverts should be banned? 2016-10-13
This one - http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/sexist-bathroom-signs_uk_57ea3ea1e4b0e315f281491...
Physician Assisted Suicide 2016-10-05
Physician Assisted Suicide
Parenting and Spanking 2016-09-29
Survey of your experience growing up and as a parent now or what role spanking might play if you ...
Have you ever asked your mom to tie you up? 2016-09-29
I'm thinking about asking my mom to tie me up. Have anyone of you did it?
Select my punishment for being a piggy 2016-09-22
I'm a man and I must be punished for not cleaning anything at home for 2 weeks and also threw gar...
Should parents cane their children 2016-09-15
Should parents cane their children
Are you pro-life or pro choice (Abortion)? 2016-08-31
<img src=https://s22.postimg.org/5w45yje2p/Prolife_Prochoice1.jpg/>
Women: Under what conditions would you accept a stranger's proposition? 2016-08-24
A stranger approaches you on the street and propositions you. Under what circumstances would you...
bdsm survey 2016-08-22
For anyone who doesn`t know what the term BDSM means hear is a link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki...
Does "GAY CONVERSION THERAPY" works? 2016-08-18
<img src=https://s3.postimg.org/ue2crwlar/Conversion_Therapy_cartoon.png/>