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Tranny looking celebrity babes 2003-08-10
Most tranny/shemale looking female celebrities?
Will JLO win an armwrestling match between... 2003-08-26
Is JLO much more stronger than ... in armwrestling ?
The biceps of Jennifer Lopez 2003-09-03
How big are they ? How strong is she ?
Male servants (for females) 2004-02-11
Would you like to have male servants?
Angelina and Jessica Alba 2004-02-13
This is about these two celebrities.
Tickling Female Celebrities 2004-04-07
Which of these famous females would you most like to tickle?
Who's Hotter? 2004-07-10
I think Alyssa Milano?
Catfight : Holmes vs Heigl 2004-08-12
Two beautiful stars Katherine Heigl and Katie Holmes are going to catfight.Who will win??
female celebrity wedgies 2005-06-16
Which female celebrity would you most want to see get a monster wedgie in public?
female celebrity wedgies 2 2005-07-21
Another celebrity wedgie poll.
WWE vs. Baywatch Babes-catfight 2005-08-18
A group of troublemakers led by Torrie Wilson are asked to leave the beach by Gena Lee Nolin and ...
Gwen Stefani armwrestling 2006-08-17
Got bored, so here's another useless poll. Who wins the following armwrestling matches?
Female Celebs stronger than you? 2007-10-09
for men only - how would you do against these ladies in various strength contests?
Celebrity Fights part 3 2007-12-06
Who do you think would win in a fight? All of these matches are taking place inside of an octogon...
Celebrity bra sizes and breast guesses 2008-04-23
Since we never get tired of breasts, or apparently of celebrities, here's another chance to put t...
The great BOOBS-poll: REAL or FAKE? 2008-06-17
If you go to cinema or watch TV you are sometimes surprised that the boob-size of Celebrities is ...
Most beautiful... 2009-05-21
Pretty, prettier, prettiest!
Armwrestling... 2009-10-03
Force, yes of course... But also willpower and concentration!
Catfight: You vs Emmanuelle Chriqui (GIRLS) 2010-07-31
What would happen if you fought Emmanuelle Chriqui over a hot guy?
emma watson kickboxing 2010-08-28
who is qick, strong and concentrated?
catfight: emma & the spanish girls 2010-09-15
emma watson, natalia estrada, penelope cruz, paz vega, natalia sanchez and melody ruiz in a catty...
Heather Locklear vs Joan Collins 2010-10-07
Hot lesbian wrestling ! <a target='_blank' title='ImageShack - Image And Video Hosting' hre...
Celebrity Strength Battle 2010-11-07
Who wins you or the celebrity?
Actors Feet Tickled 2011-01-02
Which actors feet would you like to tickle?
Britney Spears Leg Strength 2011-06-22
Britney Spears Leg Strength