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Who says Cupido is male? 2013-08-19
And if so, would he stand a chance against these pretty seductresses?
POLL FICTION: Over-Sexxed Catfights 2 2013-08-12
Who is the first to submit to their desires in a Sexfight over the edge? The powers of seduction,...
Dream couple-Old Gold Retold 2013-08-12
Imagine these senior celebrities in their prime... Would Emma Watson form a dream couple with the...
Dream couple 2013-08-12
Would Emma Watson form a dream couple with the other girl? You can choose as many candidates as y...
Wrestling Priyanka Chopra 2013-08-07
She is not the tallest actress in bollywood but is she the strongest. Her family has a background...
miranda cosgrove and the young ones 2013-08-07
miranda, at her present age, fights her young opponents...
The Three Little Blondes 2013-08-07
Naomi Watts, Anne Heche & Britney Spears seem to be three of MP's favorite victims therefore ...
Most sexy lips 2013-08-07
Which girls have these sensual, very kissable lips and at the same time this enchanting smile? In...
Celebrity Tag Team Wrestling 2013-08-07
Can Britney Sears defeat Natalie Portman, Paris Hilton, Jessica Alba, Ewa Sonnet & Others in ...
Hottest Boy Celebs (YOU BE THE JUDGE) 2013-08-07
FUN, Questions about the hottest boy celebs opinion questions.
Hottest Female Contest 2013 Nominations Pt 2 2013-08-07
41 Ladies have made it into the contest and 59 more fight for the last 23 so who is hotter
Celebrities on the run 2013-08-02
Celimpic games 2013: one whole mile to run...
Sensual encounters of the best kind 2013-08-01
Sexy celebrities meet Emma Watson... Who would take the initiative?
Fighting/ Wrestling The Girls Next Door 2013-08-01
If you had chance to fight Kendra Wilkinson, Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt who would win?
Random catfights 2013-08-01
As random and goofy as it gets
sweet kisses 2013-07-22
emma watson is an attractive girl. even to her own gender... but what would be attractive to you?...
Lucy Pinder catfights 2013-07-15
Lucy (5'5" 134lbs) takes on all challengers
Bling Ring 2013-07-15
Taissa Farmiga, Claire Julien, Katie Chang and Emma Watson getting close...
Celebs vs Zombies 2013-07-10
Hopefully amusing, but probably as bad as a B grade zombie flick
POLL FICTION: A Smothering Beauty 2 2013-07-08
POLL FICTION: A Smothering Beauty 2
Celeb Power Rankings 2013-07-08
Battles between celebrity power rankings off the Forbes poll against their counterparts on Hollyw...
Jordan Carver 2013-07-02
How tuff is she
Wrestling Celebrites as Film & Tv Characters 2013-07-02
Would a guy be able to win a mixed fight against popular female characters from tv and film? Par...
British actresses in a merciless fight 2013-07-02
Who would finally destroy her opponent?
fairly international catfight tournament - b finals 2013-07-02
fair play or another diplomatic incident?