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What is your favorite tv show??? 2003-10-14
ppick your fAVE tv show
Giant sexiest female celebrity poll 2003-10-13
http://www.misterpoll.com/3353649232.html for Round 2 This is round 1 of a massive knock-out t...
Anna Kournikova vs. Steffi Graf 2003-10-13
Certainly not the beauty and the beast.
Celebrity Tickling Fantasy 2003-10-12
This is a poll for those of you who have a favorite celebrity that you would love to tickle.
Martina Navratilova vs. Martina Hingis 2003-10-12
Which Martina is the hottest?
Who would you choose to lift and carry you in her arms?
Sarah Michelle Gellar Vs Angelina Jolie 2003-10-10
Who is hotter
Jennifer Lopez vs. Mariah Carey 2003-10-10
Jennifer Lopez vs. Mariah Carey Please be aware that I'm using JLO for Jennifer Lopez.
Female tennis players tournaments 2003-10-10
I want to know, which girl is the best in different categories.
John Ritter or Johnny Cash? 2003-10-07
Last September 11th, two great men died.
Hottest Stars 2003-10-07
There are so many hot stars to choose from, so you choose who is the hottest!
WWE Divas. vs. Celebs Round 2 2003-10-07
Round 2
Halle Berry vs. Britney Spears 2003-10-07
Halle Berry vs. Britney Spears
Steffi Graf vs. Martina Navratilova 2003-10-05
Tennis champs fight it out !
Celine Dion vs Jewel 2003-10-02
Who is the better one ?
Hottest Female Contest Round 3 2003-10-02
Who is Hotter?
Brunettes---The CATFIGHTS! 2003-10-02
Who do you think would win these catfights?
Blondes---The CATFIGHTS! 2003-10-02
Who would win these scratc-offs?
Angelina Jolie Vs Cameron Diaz 2003-10-02
Tomb Raider VS Charlie's Angel
Ugly Women 2003-10-02
I'm tired of females telling men what other females are attractive. Here's a list of ugly celebri...
4 Babe Matches 2003-10-02
Who is Hotter?
Who Is Your All-Time Favourite Hollywood Action Superstar? 2003-09-29
Who Is Your All-Time Favourite Hollywood Action Superstar?
Battle Of The Noses : Barbara Vs. Sarah J. 2003-09-29
They are both famous for the projections of their giant-sized proboscises (noses) on TV and movie...
Catfights between celebrity 40-somethings 2003-09-26
Who would win these catfights Hollywood's sexy ladies over 40?
Supermodels---The CATFIGHTS!!! 2003-09-26
Who would be the winner if each of the following catfights were to occur?