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Actresses FIVESOME 2004-03-03
Vote for TWO of your favorite actress from each group. I tried to make each group consist of five...
Who is hottest? 2004-03-03
Who is the hottest celebrity?
Hottest actor 2004-03-03
tell me out of these nominees who you think is the hottest guy.
Julia Roberts Vs Natalie Portman 2004-03-03
Who Is Hotter Pretty Woman Or Queen Amildia
Who's Your favourite? 2004-02-29
Pick which one you like.
Renee Zellwegger and more 2004-02-28
Is she hot? What about these other women? Sex?
Who would you like to meet? 2004-02-27
You've won the 2004 celebrity contest! You get to spend the day with one of the celebrities below...
Female Co-Star Battles 2004-02-27
This is a poll which puts up two female celebrities with a common connection against each other.
Sex and the City Actresses 2004-02-27
This poll is simply to see who is regarded as the most and least attractive female on "Sex a...
Actress Ratings 2004-02-27
Pick a number 1-10 (10 being the best) regarding the attractiveness of the actress and answer the...
Who is the ugliest male celebrity? 2004-02-27
This poll is to see what guy in the 'limelight' is the ugliest.
why is Vin Diesel hot 2004-02-27
tell me how hot Vin Diesel really is.
Britney Spears legs 2004-02-23
If you're like me you watch britney legs and think she could bend stell with them so now if tou w...
who's the prettiest female singer? 2004-02-23
despite all the computer imaging and personal stylists these girls have, who do u think has the m...
wwe divas & celebrities 2004-02-23
wwe divas and celebrities
Best Body britney vs christina and more 2004-02-23
Tell me out of the choices who has the hottest body!
Aaron carter 2004-02-23
Please select one
Hottest Friend 2004-02-23
tell who is the hottest out of the people listed who is the hottest.
Your Celebrity Dream Date 2004-02-23
Hey guys, this poll determines the most popular celebrity every girl or guy wants to date! Take t...
The most adorable actor 2004-02-23
Who is, do YOU think, the most adorable actor ever seen?
Who would like to be with? 2004-02-23
From the following celebrities, choose who you would rather be with.
orlando bloom vs jonny depp 2004-02-18
which british hunk is for you?
Celebrity Crush 2004-02-18
Hey, this is Kela (Bow Wow fan 4 life), I want to know who is your celebrity crush!
Johnny Depp 2004-02-18
This is about Johnny Depp, of course! lol Vote on lots of different "depp" topics.
Hottest rapper 2004-02-18
Who is the hottest rapper?