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The 1st Annual Mister Poll Teen Awards 2004-07-20
Hello! Please answer the questions below honestly on what you think. The Following that are chose...
BRITNEY SPEARS 2004 Polls 2004-07-20
please anser qts about Brit below. Thanks!
In Touch with your celebs July 26 2004-07-20
Please answer the questions below on what you think about the celebs. Thanks!
CELEBS BICEPS 2004-07-20
You may be interested in girls biceps.(If not still do this poll because i sure am). Please hones...
Hottest Actress 2004-07-19
Who is the hottest?
Gillian Anderson Vs Jessica Lynch 2004-07-19
Who IS Hotter?
Comedic Actors 2004-07-19
Here's a poll dedicated to some hilarious comedians!!
Shakira or Paris Hilton (Whos Hotter?) 2004-07-19
Its a little argument me and my friend.
Messy Celebrities 2004-07-19
Please answer all the questions on this poll, and PLEASE leave a message saying all the choices t...
Hottest Woman ultimate Test 2004-07-16
Tell me who you think is the hottest woman and more!
Battle of the Young Babes (Part 3 of 4) 2004-07-14
The poll to decide all of the debate about which young star is the hottest CONTINUES...The first ...
In Touch with your celebs July 19 2004-07-14
Please answer what you think about the subjects below. Thank You!!
Celeb Summer Awards 2004 2004-07-14
Please choose your fav below
your MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS 2004 part 1 2004-07-14
Tell me what you think.
Who is more talented? 2004-07-14
Jessica Simpson or Ashlee Simpson?
Britney and Kevin engaged poll 2004-07-14
Please answer the questions below. (Choose what you REALLY think) Thanks!
SCQ vs StarStruck 2004-07-14
"The Ultimate Final Battle" Who has the best talent and the most popular?!!!
Britney VS Avril and more celeb FUEDS 2004-07-13
So many celebs just have to start something between themselves, who will come out on top?!?
Hot or not 2004-07-13
take a poll about if u think these celebrities are hot or not
Emma vs Lindsay 2004-07-10
This poll was made in response to the rising stardom of two young actresses: Emma Watson, and Lin...
Matthew Perry 2004-07-10
All About Matthew Perry
Most Talented and Most Beautiful 2004-07-10
tell me what you think.
Hot Actors and Good Movies!! 2004-07-10
Poll for girls!
Jessica Lynch Vs Natalie Portman 2004-07-10
Who Is Hotter?
Who's Hotter? 2004-07-10
I think Alyssa Milano?