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Elijah Wood or Eric Von Detten? 2004-10-04
My friend (Pro Eric) and I (Pro Elijah) are curious as to who all of you think is hotter, sexier,...
Kristin Davis or Katie Holmes 2004-10-03
Who's better looking? A one question poll.
Hottest Female Contest Round 4 2004 2004-10-01
Who Is Hotter?
Who is the hottest? (teens only) 2004-10-01
Who do you think is the hottest?
Amy Acker VS Gwen Stefani 2004-10-01
Who is Hotter?
Britney Spears WEDDING poll 2004-10-01
Its Britneys Prerogative. But what do you think of her wedding?
westlife!! 2004-09-28
a poll bout the westlife lads!
Wrestlers VS Celebs 2004-09-28
This is whether you think wrestlers or celebs would win in a fight!
Will Beyonce & Jay Z get Married 2004-09-28
Beyonce the good girl, Jay Z the bad boy. Everybody wants to know will it last.
Cori Nadine vs 2004-09-28
Who would win these fights?
#1 star 2004-09-28
Who's the #1 star?
do you think MK and ashley olsen are really pretty ? 2004-09-28
this poll is just to see your opinion of them because everyone tells me i look alot like them*
cHoOsE a StAr 4 AmErIcA 2004-09-28
the biggest sTars are here. so stop arguing with your friends and just vote here.
Gwen Stefani Vs Shannen Dohearty 2004-09-25
Who Is Hotter No doubt Vs Pru
Did you enjoy the 2004 VMAs? 2004-09-25
Did you like the vmas this year?! I thought it was awful! No host, no Britney,no suprises! What d...
Jlo vs Britney vs Beyonce 2004-09-25
Tell me who you think is better at each catagory.
Jennifer Lopez VS Pamela Anderson 2004-09-25
Who is the hottest?
Who is the sexiest of these actresses 2004-09-25
Who is the sexiest of these actresses
Who is the hotter,Salma Hayek&Jennifer Lopez 2004-09-25
Who is the hottest?
Jessica Simpson vs Jennifer Lopez 2004-09-25
Who is the hottest
One or the other 2004-09-25
bEST Rack 2004-09-22
Which Celebrity has the best rack
hottest teen actor 2004-09-20
Who is the cutest hollywood guy??
Who is the Scariest Celebrity? 2004-09-20
I was inspired by a message on my message area of Who is the Scariest Television Character poll t...
Hot Male Duos 2004-09-17
Who's the hottest out of each duo?