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who is cuter 2004-06-11
who is cuter?
Natalie Portman VS Jessica Lynch 2 2004-06-11
Star Wars Babe Vs POW Babe
Aaand...The "h0tTeSt Act0r!!!" is...!?!!! 2004-06-10
Who was a better actor? 2004-06-09
U choose
Male Celebs 2004-06-09
You Choose
Which Babe Would You like To See Under Your Christmas Tree? 2004-06-09
This Poll is Representitive of all the sex fantasies we guys have or can have(For Men ONLY).
What would you like to see from Jack Black in the future? 2004-06-09
This poll asks what you wish Jack Black would do with his career now.
Whose your favorite? 2004-06-09
Who is your favorite?
This poll is all about the best of the best in entertainment.
Who's hotter? 2004-06-08
Determining who is hotter, Mandy Moore or Lindsey Lohan.
Hottest Teen Star 2004-06-08
witch teen is the hottest
~Most SEXUAL Entertainer in the World~ 2004-06-08
Tell me what you think about these celebs.
Battle of the Young Babes 2004-06-07
The poll to decide all of the debate about which young star is the hottest...The first part of th...
Natalie Portman VS Jessica Lynch 2004-06-07
Queen AMildia vs Iraq Prisoner Who is hotter?
Hottest Female Contest Nominations 2004 Part 2 2004-06-07
55 Ladies have made it into the contest and 11 more fight for the last nine so who is hotter
Young Female Celebrities Semi-Finals 2004-06-07
Who Would Win...
American Idol three 2004-06-07
Hey, AIdol fans! Just have fun answering here! and please, no comparing of finalists!
Take a crack at Michael Jackson 2004-06-04
We know Michael Jackson is as nutty as a fruitcake.But, what do you think he's made off?
Smurfs vs. Care Bears 2004-06-04
I had an argument at school the other day about this. Who would win in a fight, Smurfs or Care Be...
The best Actor/Actress 2004-06-04
Who do you think is the best at acting?
Will you be FAMOUS? 2004-06-04
Do you want to lead a celebrity life? Answer these two questions, please!
~Jennifer Lopez VS Christina Aguilera and more~ 2004-06-04
Tell me who is better in all of these catagories. thanks.
Starstuck vs. Starcircle quest II 2004-06-03
this poll is all about rising stars!!!!!
HOT Body or NASTY spears,aniston & more PT 1 2004-06-03
Tell me what you think of these celebrity bodys!!
Like a VIRGIN or NOT 2004-06-03
Tell me what you think of these women and men.