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Alyson Hannigan Vs Shannen Dohearty 2004-08-29
who is HOTTER
Who is the ultament Diva 2004-08-29
This 8 people are the finalist for the Diva crown choose 4 to go on to the next round.
Garth's Celebrity Awesomeness Tournament, Third Round 2004-08-29
64 celebrities will enter, only one will survive! You decide who moves on and who suffers bitter,...
ben stiller 2004-08-29
In Touch With Your Celebs August 23rd 2004-08-29
Hello! Please answer the questions below "honestly"! Thank You!
GC Poll #1 2004-08-29
this is about the rumor that Joel and Hilary Duff are dating.
Steffi Graf vs. Martina Hingis Fantasy Poll Duel !!! 2004-08-27 (closed)
<img src="http://img402.imageshack.us/img402/540/hingisgraf3.jpg" alt="Image Ho...
Who do you want the MOST? Celebrity Boys 2004-08-26
Who would you MOST like to sleep with out of these male celebrities? (So far, I hope you're kiddi...
Celebrity Breast Tournament 2004-08-21
I want to see which celebrity everyone thinks has the nicest overall boobs.
Im doing a contest to see who you think is the HOTTEST MALE CELEB I will eliminate the ones with ...
Character Battles PART 2 2004-08-17
Ya'll, who'd win these though?
Keira Knightley or Natalie Portman? 2004-08-17
They look alike, but who do you find more attractive?
Teen Idols 2004-08-17
This poll is designed to find out your view on the various teen idols.
Who is hotter the Bush twins or the Kerry daughters? 2004-08-16
No matter who your canidate is one has to appreciate that the first daughters of 2004 will be eas...
Who's Hotter? 2004-08-16
Chicks are hot.Fat ones are not.
pieing female celebrities 2004-08-16
pieing female celebs
Who Gets Under Your Skin 2004-08-16
many people suck, but who sucks most out of these people?
Paris Hiltin & Nick Carter 2004-08-16
Tell me what you think.
Garth's Celebrity Awesomeness Tournament, Second Round 2004-08-16
64 celebrities will enter, only one will survive! You decide who moves on and who suffers bitter,...
Which of these 3 women are hot/ 2004-08-16
Who Is Hotter?
WHOS HOTTER? 2004-08-16
which celeberties r hottest and ugliest?
Hottest rap stars 2004-08-15
just want to know what you think of the hottest rap stars today.
PoLL 2004-08-15
Who is the best rapper of all time?
Which Of These 3 Women Are Hot 2004-08-15
In Touch With your celebs August 16 2004-08-15
Hello! Please answer Honsetly on The Questions below! Thanks!