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most OUTRAGEOUS NAUGHTY celebs 2004-04-28
i would like to know what others think of some celebritys and the controversial things they have ...
Hottest Female Contest Nominations 2004 2004-04-28
Who Is Hotter? The top 64 will be entered into the tournament which will begin June 1st
2004 Cool Awards part 1-spring 2004-04-28
This Is The coolest stuff of spring 04.
Elijah 2004-04-27
about Elijah Wood
Wrestling of Celebrities 2004-04-27
Choose between the two hot celebs, who would win in wrestling.
The hottest celebrity 2004-04-26
What celebrity would you go out with if each one of them would say yes?
Are THEY UGLY part 2 2004-04-26
since there were so many votes for the 1st are they ugly i decided to do a second one. tell me if...
Elisha Cuthbert Vs Jessica Lynch 2004-04-26
Who IS hotter?
YOUR 2004 HOT Awards PART 1 2004-04-24
here are the nominees you tell me your pic for YOUR favorite. This is YOUR award show! lol
Jessica Simpson love or hate? 2004-04-24
tell me what you think?
Celebrity Catfights 2004-04-24
Who wins and Why
This time you answer # 3 2004-04-24
Please answer the questions below. Thank you!
Bad Girl Vs Good Girl 2004-04-24
Now we all know every girls got a good girl and a bad girl in them but i would like to know overa...
The Bill Girls 2004-04-24
Please vote on my poll about the female characters in the ITV Drama The Bill
Avril Lavigne 2004-04-24
Does Avril annoy you like she annoys me?
Hottest Hottie of 2004 2004-04-23
Hottest celebrity in 2004
Whos the coolest actress? 2004-04-23
Star Circle Quest 2004-04-22
Hey, Filipinos! Please vote here if you are fan of the show! Have fun! After voting, post your me...
Nicole Kidman Vs Elisha Cuthbert 2004-04-22
Moulin rouge babe Vs Girl Next Door Babe Who is hotter?
Ryan Seacres...? 2004-04-20
Hey, it seems to me that Ryan Seacrest (host of American Idol) is on the borderline of at least t...
KEANU REEVES...??? 2004-04-20
Hey, just wanted to know what other people thought about him.
Jeremy Sumpter 2004-04-20
Only vote if you have seen his films and stuff (otherwise you'll find it hard!)
Celebritie Poll 2004-04-20
I wanna see what u think about some of the most popular celebrities so have a go :o)
Christina vs. britney the battle of the hottest 2004-04-19
in search of the truth for who is the hottest of the two. it wouldn't be just on how good they lo...
hot male actors 2004-04-19
what male actors you think are hot and what ones you think are not.