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Female Celebrities Powerfull Muscular Calves!!! 2003-09-23
For everyone who loves girls/women with solid strong calves, a nice poll about the calves of fema...
Dream Street 2003-09-23
Who would you go on a date with if you had a chance with one of Dream Street
Pop VS. Country----The CATFIGHTS!!! 2003-09-23
Who would win these catfights between Pop princesses and country cuties?
Actresses VS. Singers---The CATFIGHTS!!!! 2003-09-23
Who would win these catfights between knockout actresses and sexy singers?:
Who would you be? 2003-09-23
If you could be anyone (out of the list) who would you be?
Out of these, which is your favorite actress? 2003-09-23
Pick one, out of these!
Bogus Magicians or Impressive Illusionists? 2003-09-19
What does everybody think about the new illusionists that are more "survival stunts" th...
SEXIEST RB LADY 2003-09-19
SEXIEST BODY 2003-09-19
Whos Got the SEXIEST BODY between the 3.
Diva Hotties poll. 2003-09-18
Who are the hottest of the hottie Divas in the following categories?
Who Is The Sexiest Actor? 2003-09-18
Which male actor is the sexist.
wimpy celebs vs. the catty ones..2 2003-09-18
well you know the situation from my previous poll.Just funny moments that could really happen to ...
celebrities - unsual catfights 2003-09-17
catfights between girls, who are not in many polls
Armwrestling Pam Anderson vs Jen o'Dell 2003-09-17
Who will win the match between jennifer o'dell and pamela anderson?
the BEST celebs! 2003-09-16
celebrities, actors, actresses, movies and the BEST of them!
Hilary Duff-Your favorite Hilary Duff song 2003-09-14
Which of Hilary Duff's songs is your favorite?
perfect celebrity match 2003-09-12
there are so many couples making up and breaking up on our screens. i have made a poll to see wh...
Wimpy celebs Vs the catty ones (wouldnt that be funny) 2003-09-11
Think what will happen when the wimpy girls & the catty girls of hollywood do battle there is...
fave singers round 2 2003-09-11
i didnt intend this to be a contest before but i decided to make it one. i have included the winn...
Hilary Duff 2003-09-09
This poll is about what you like most about Hilary Duff.
Alicia Silverstone Vs Denise Richards 2003-09-09
Who is hotter
Madsalmon Celebrity Poll 2003-09-09
Madsalmon presents: Celebrity Fun Poll. Not Just For The Rich Crazy.
Freedom Of Press with regard to Celebrities 2003-09-08
This poll will ask questions to see if you think the media has gone too far or not.
10 HOT FEMALES 2003-09-08
Every woman has a sexy thing or has something special. Here are 10 women and 10 questions.
Best British Celebrity nose 2003-09-08
Which female celebrity has the best nose?