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Do You Really Know Every Little Thing About Harry Potter? 2011-09-14 (closed)
The Ultimate Harry Potter Quiz, Questions from Every Book, Answer According to the Facts! Each Qu...
Should I make a fanfiction 2013-01-09
Well......should I?
What does realism mean to you? 2014-09-19
As regards fiction, what are your thoughts on realism as a genre or method? Your candor is apprec...
The Sandman 2014-09-19
A poll about Neil Gaiman's graphic novel series...
Who Is Better 2015-06-03
I have a wattpad.com account @Eeshu_10 and I need an actress playing the role of Elexabeth in &qu...
Cell Books Poll 2003-02-15
This poll is to determine if a market is avaiable for the product of Cell Books. Cell Books is a...
What is the best Dirk Gently Book 2003-03-25
Just select the best Dirk Gently book you have read.
wrestling magazine 2004-02-04
which one!!
Fantasy-book of 2004 2004-12-03
2004 was a year, rich with interesting and enjoyable fantasy novels. But which one is the best?
Waldo, Captain Planet, or Carmen Sandiego 2006-03-12
I think the title is pretty self explanitory... I like them all but I must say captain planet is ...
IT poll(NOVELSTYLES) 2008-09-19
Nancy Drew 2008-11-13
Nancy Drew
Charlie Brown Peanuts 2008-12-21 (closed)
Polls for Peanuts
batman characters FACE OFF (bonus round!!) 2009-01-08 (closed)
so here it is. Batman's arch-nemesis managed to get here, to a face-off with the dark knight him...
Stephen King's Night Shift 2009-01-13
Stephen King's Night Shift
The Shyest 2009-02-01
For The Shyest readers...
Color comics on Mondays? 2009-02-15
A vote on whether or not I should update Silver Age in color on Mondays
Tamzina & Avril 2009-07-30
Tamzina & Avril
Morganville Vampires 2009-08-31 (closed)
Morganville Vampires
Which book title is the most catching? 2009-10-26 (closed)
For a middle grade children's book (age 9-13), which title is likely to grab you and make you pic...
Sept book club 2010-08-21 (closed)
Sept book club
comic book shops 2012-01-03
doing a little research and would appreciate any help you can give filling out some information.
Interest in Classes 2012-07-23
Interest in Classes
What is the most important part of a comic? 2012-10-22 (closed)
What do you find to be the most important part of a comic?
Which newspaper do you read? 2015-05-19
A poll to find out about people's newspaper reading habits. UK specific.