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whats your favorite fantasy book 2007-02-08
so what is it
Horror Novels 2007-03-01
This is a poll to see which of these horror novels you guys and gals have read. I've listed a lo...
Japan comic or Indonesia comic? 2008-10-14
Choose what comic do you like
Help me Choose a Leading Guy Name for Romantic/Action Movie/Book 2009-02-04
I am in the process of writing and need help deciding on a name for a guy who will be the leading...
What sounds better for the title of my book series? 2010-07-26
I'm writing a series of books, and was wondering what sounded better: The Chronicles of Era, or T...
Thoughts on "The Catcher in the Rye" 2010-11-12
This survey is designed to assess current opinions of JD Salinger's "The Catcher in the Rye&...
What kind of stories do you like? 2012-06-20
I was just wondering what type of stories people like to read, it's always fun to get to see how ...
Marvel Vs DC 2 2013-05-15
Comic 2004-04-02
Unworthy Hero
How many people are upset over the ending to Harry potter 6 2005-08-31
How many people are pissed about the ending to book 6
Which is the best superhero-movie? 2005-11-18
Which movie is the best?
Series of Unfortunate Events 2007-05-21
The Series 1-13
power fights 2007-07-03
even more super hero fights
Harry Potter 2007-09-02
About the HP books and movies
What do you want in a book? 2009-08-31
I've started writing something but I've hit a few dead ends, and besides that I don't know what p...
Best FAntasy Story Book Ever 2009-12-11 (closed)
Select The Best Fantacy Story U ever Read I have read 3 So i will add 3 options and another op...
Did you like the books you read in high school? 2011-03-21
Did you like the books you read in high school?
What Story Title Catches Your Eye Best? 2011-06-08
This one's for my Code Lyoko fanfic, and what episode title to start up with.
Best Book Ever Contest Round 2 2005-03-08
Which Book is the best?
Fiction or Factual books? 2005-08-09
Ummmmm know you have to write something here............
Which place setting would you like better in a book? 2007-02-17
This is going to determine the novel I shall write next. =D
Classical Literature (Greece and Rome) 2007-12-13
Which classical authors have you read at least 100 pages of?
Jane Austen's Gentlemen 2008-02-06
Out of curiosity, I would like to offer a question for all Austen fans...
Superbeing standoff 2008-07-02
Superbeing standoff
Comics 2008-07-17
What is your favourite comic type