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Behind Closed Doors


Morning Wood 2015-03-30
It happens to every guy, so how do you deal with it? Do you enjoy it or is it more of a nuisance ...
Girls punishment clothing 2015-03-30
When I was a teenager if I misbehaved I was punished by my Mother who used many methods to teach ...
The pee your pants test 2013-07-02
I bet I can make you pee your pants
Family Spying 2003-03-25
Please be honest. Watching other family members without them knowing....Here we go...
Girls only getting stripped pantsed or force nude 2008-06-04
Girls have boys, girls, sisters, brothers, or groups of friends ever embarrassed you by tieing yo...
How do you masturbate? (girls ONLY) 2010-03-21
I want to know: How do you masturbate?
Take This If You Need to Pee! 2012-02-23
I have always enjoyed seeing how long I can hold my bladder before it bursts! I decided to take s...
hairbrush spanking 2015-03-23
This is for people who are or were spanked with a hairbrush
Hardest Pee Holding Challenge Poll 2015-03-23
This is a poll for the determined person who thinks that their bladder is the strongest. We will ...
What Guys Think About Girls (for teen and college guys) 2015-03-30
What Guys Think About Girls (for teen and college guys)
Being Shirtless (for teen and college guys) 2015-03-30
Being Shirtless (for teen and college guys)
School Uniform 2001-06-07
Does/did the school you go/went to have a uniform?
are thongs the sexiest kind of men's underwear? 2001-09-02
When it comes to men's undies, some guys like it traditional: boxers or briefs. However, nowadays...
Attitude on Men's Underwear 2002-01-04
A poll designed to find out men's and women's attitudes on men's underwear.
Swimming in underwear 2002-01-29
Any guys like the freedom of swimming in their underwear?
Underwear!!!(guys only) 2002-07-14
I like underwear who else does
Physical exams 2002-08-06
Physical exams
Comfy being nude???(MEN ONLY) 2002-08-12
This is a poll about how men feel about being nude in certain situations.
Family secrets(men only) 2002-08-25
Have you ever done anything with a family member that is unusual?
truth or dare 2002-11-06
guys 10-18 have you ever played truth or dare with your best freind and had involve nudity
Males being totally naked for physicals. 2003-02-09
This is a poll for boys/men who had to undress completely when having a physical.
Strip Searched 2003-03-18
I was strip searched in school. I want to know if anybody else have any similar experiences.
SISSIES (For Girls only please) 2003-03-25
Girls what do you think about sissy boys. You know, the kind that like to wear pretty dress's, fr...
Woman in shirt and tie 2003-04-07
Hello: I like to see ladies dressed in shirts or shirt blouses with ties. If You are one of ...
Trick or Treat - Tickling Feet 2003-04-17
This poll is for wicked foot ticklers - if no bare feet or socked feet are safe from you, share y...