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Behind Closed Doors


The Perfect Circumcision 2015-05-04
What is the perfect style of circumcision? A Poll for fans of the circumcised member. In each que...
Girls seeing boys naked 2008-06-22
There are loads of penis and circumcision polls here on Mr. Poll, but hardly anything at all for ...
Take This If You Need to Pee! 2012-02-23
I have always enjoyed seeing how long I can hold my bladder before it bursts! I decided to take s...
Guy's and friends (MEN ONLY) 2014-11-17
I made this poll to see what guy's do with their friends
lesbian experimenting ( only females please ) 2005-02-18
girls/women , have you had or would like to experience lesbian sex ! curious or fantasy
Lesbian Sex 2006-02-26
If you ever had a lesbian experience how was it? This a poll to share experiences!
Balls, Nuts, or Testicles! 2002-01-25
What is your favorite term for those two most sensitive and important male organs?
How Often Do You Do The Deed? 2002-06-18
This is just a little survey to see how often you have sex. Hey, be honest!
Getting Dirty Soles At Work 2003-02-27
Hey All! My name is Tanya. I'm a afterschool program director here in Chicago and I was thinki...
incest yes or no 2003-03-31
please be honest and open
Men wearing pantyhose 2003-05-07
More and more men wear pantyhose. Most of them hide them under their normal clothes and a small p...
Men Wearing Bras 2003-07-16
It seems that there is a number of men who like to wear bras. Should they? Do you? Why? (Please a...
Quick Male Pee Habits 2003-07-23
This poll is to find out how often men sit down to pee.
boys clothing limits/summer 2003-10-10
Hi, I'd like to know if your parents limit your clothing in summer.My parents took all my shir...
school showers 2004-02-29
school showers
It's been a mystery for the ladies for years and now you guys can make a difference! Take this po...
sexuality ( GIRLS/WOMEN only) 2005-02-18
checking about girls after question about guys
girls sensitive skin 2 2005-11-19
similar 2 the furst 1
Girls and boys belly buttons 2006-03-25
This is a poll looking at how common outie belly buttons are among boys and girls and which gende...
Girls Belly Buttons 2006-04-13
Do girls have innies, outies or inbetweenies? What exactly does your belly button look like? Is i...
Penis piercing (prince albert) 2006-06-08
I'm thinking of getting a piercing done in the near future, and I want to see what others think/h...
Freeballing/Going Commando--Str8 Dudes only 2006-07-10
This poll is about guys ideas about freeballing/going commando.
Grabbing Ass 2006-10-07
You Choose!!!
Girls with OUTIE belly buttons (age 10-15) 2006-11-20
This is a poll for girls who have OUTIE belly buttons, and are age 10-15
Boys Footwear Choices 2007-02-14
based on different scenarios, what would you choose to wear? FOR BOYS ONLY!!!!