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Behind Closed Doors


It's been a mystery for the ladies for years and now you guys can make a difference! Take this po...
How do you masturbate? (girls ONLY) 2010-03-21
I want to know: How do you masturbate?
The pee your pants test 2013-07-02
I bet I can make you pee your pants
Take This If You Need to Pee! 2012-02-23
I have always enjoyed seeing how long I can hold my bladder before it bursts! I decided to take s...
are YOU circumcised? -males only 2004-12-09
This poll is to see exactly how many males tips are snipped. Please answer honestly. thanks
ARE MOST GUYS CUT OR UNCUT?????? 2003-01-02
Are u Cut or Uncut?
Feeling about circumcision ( Cut males only ) 2012-01-30
Feeling about circumcision ( Cut males only )
Circumcision by Age 2004-09-05
A poll on how old you are an whether or not you are circumcised.
The Perfect Circumcision 2015-05-04
What is the perfect style of circumcision? A Poll for fans of the circumcised member. In each que...
Your worst wedgie 2005-02-02
What was your worst wedgie ever
Guys only: showering in a public shower-room. 2014-07-29
This survey is only for guys who have showered completely naked in a locker room with public/open...
boys and nudity 2014-02-10
I am a 14yr old boy, and i sometimes like to be nude at home.
Women: Specify your ideal penis 2014-05-27
For women only.
circumcision and foreskin (males only) 2013-11-25
Just curious to see how men stand on the matter now a days
Original Pee Scenarios 2015-03-23
Original Pee Scenarios
Circumcision By Country 2003-08-27
Please answer the question that best applies to you.
Tickling Poll 2002-06-06
This poll is related to all things tickling. Rated PG or so. ;-)
Circumcision Trends by age and region 2002-09-17
A survey to find out if the rates of circumcision have changed over time
Cut v. Uncut 2009-08-04
Cut v. Uncut
Underwear quiz. (Guys only) 2013-08-16
Underwear quiz. (Guys only)
If you could have chosen, would you still be circumcized? 2006-08-11
This is a poll for guys who were circumcised at birth. I know a lot of guys are happy they were c...
Men: What do women think of your cut/uncut penis? 2014-10-26
This poll tries to ascertain women's opinions regarding circumcision from the testimony of their ...
Straight male underwear survey. 2009-08-08
I am looking to collect statical information about the underwear choices of straight men for a ge...
school showers 2004-02-29
school showers
Men Wearing Bras 2003-07-16
It seems that there is a number of men who like to wear bras. Should they? Do you? Why? (Please a...