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Behind Closed Doors


Describe your body 2005-01-28
This poll has been given to see what type of guys are on this site. Answer honestly 'cause this i...
using the URINAL 2007-07-20
do you look at the person next to you
The pee your pants test 2013-07-02
I bet I can make you pee your pants
UK men underwear 2015-07-10
To see what UK blokes are wearing ... if anything! Please answer with what you mostly wear.
best teen physical exam poll for males 2015-07-22
best teen physical exam poll for males
It's been a mystery for the ladies for years and now you guys can make a difference! Take this po...
How do you masturbate? (girls ONLY) 2010-03-21
I want to know: How do you masturbate?
Freeballing/Going Commando--Str8 Dudes only 2006-07-10
This poll is about guys ideas about freeballing/going commando.
Take This If You Need to Pee! 2012-02-23
I have always enjoyed seeing how long I can hold my bladder before it bursts! I decided to take s...
Photographed lover in the nude? 2004-01-07
This poll is about photographing your lover in the nude, or being photographed by your lover in t...
school showers 2004-02-29
school showers
Straight male underwear survey. 2009-08-08
I am looking to collect statical information about the underwear choices of straight men for a ge...
nude sleepover 2010-04-19
have you ever had a nude sleepover with your friends?
Boys- where do you like to masturbate 2015-03-23
It is something we all do. From the age of about 12 or 13 even those who think it is sinful do it...
This poll is for LADIES ONLY and PLEASE be honest! You guys just enjoy the results. Answer only...
Walking nude in public 2001-12-10
What would it take to make you walk nude in a public place with a lot of people like a shopping c...
Men Wearing Jeans 2002-05-08
Questions for guys about jeans preferences
Girls Being Tickled by Boyfriends 2002-08-05
Ive heard stories about girls who get tickled by their boyfriends quite often. I think ticklin...
Being Seen Nude by the Opposite Sex 2002-10-19
This is a poll about being seen nude by members of the opposite sex. Please be at least sixteen y...
Men only. Do you sleep naked? 2003-01-03
I made this poll just because I wanted to know how many there is who sleeps naked.
Girls and boys barefoot at home 2003-01-22
I'm interested to see how normal it is to have bare feet at home these days and whether there is ...
What boys wear at home 2003-01-28
In my home, my mom has a double standards - my sisters are allowed to wear whatever they want, bu...
what do you wear at home(Males) 2003-02-28
this is just to see what you wear at home because I'm only allowed to wear briefs in my house and...
Physical Exam Embarrassment 2003-03-18
Let's share details about those embarrassing pediatric exams we had growing up!
Men's swimwear and Speedos 2003-04-08
This poll is for guys about guys’ swimwear, especially Speedos (to mean brief or bikini style), ...