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Behind Closed Doors


Men: What do women think of your cut/uncut penis? 2014-10-26
This poll tries to ascertain women's opinions regarding circumcision from the testimony of their ...
It's been a mystery for the ladies for years and now you guys can make a difference! Take this po...
Tickling Poll 2002-06-06
This poll is related to all things tickling. Rated PG or so. ;-)
Girls and boys barefoot at home 2003-01-22
I'm interested to see how normal it is to have bare feet at home these days and whether there is ...
Ever played "Master/slave" with your siblings? 2003-02-15
Did you ever play Master/slave games with your siblings? If so, what were the basic details?
Physical Exam Embarrassment 2003-03-18
Let's share details about those embarrassing pediatric exams we had growing up!
incest yes or no 2003-03-31
please be honest and open
Drug Facilitated Rape Poll 2003-04-04
Incidences of Drug Facilitated Rape
Trick or Treat - Tickling Feet 2003-04-17
This poll is for wicked foot ticklers - if no bare feet or socked feet are safe from you, share y...
Tickled by siblings 2003-07-15
Have you ever been tickled by your siblings
Pubes - Girls only when did they grow 2003-08-02
Please enter the questions in you age band. except first and last question.
Dress or a skirt as punishment 2003-09-01
As a parent, would you put your son in a skirt or dress to teach him a lesson. A few boys have ta...
How do you feel when the doctor sees down there? 2003-09-03
When you go to the doctor for a physical, how do you feel?
Nudism and man's most common question 2004-03-03
The most common question men ask when they have a developing interest in nudism/naturism is, &quo...
People Playing With Your Feet 2004-05-05
Every now and the a few of my friends like to play with my feet. I like it when they do that.
Teenage Boys in Modeling 2004-12-08
I am a mother with four boys (12,15,17,19) Recently we were approached by a talent scout who aske...
ONLY FOR GIRLS PART 2!! (poll about the female sexual life.) 2005-03-22
ONLY FOR GIRLS !! (poll about the female sexual life. ) This poll is about the girl sexual life ...
Fantasize About Your Sibling 2005-05-19
I have four sisters, and I have had dreams or fantasized about being with all of them.
ONLY FOR GIRLS PART 3! (poll about the female sexual life) 2007-02-17
This poll is about the girl sexual life if you are a male please make the boy poll.
Inappropriate/unnecessary medical procedures 2007-08-08
I am interested in anyone's experience in having anything happen at the doctor's office or hospit...
Curved Penis (GUYS ONLY) 2007-08-16
Which way does your penis curve?
Barefooting 2008-04-08
Do you like being barefoot?
watching guys wrestling(girls only) 2009-01-25
a poll to find out what girls think of guys wrestling, do you girls find it sexy???
Straight male underwear survey. 2009-08-08
I am looking to collect statical information about the underwear choices of straight men for a ge...
Testicular Varicocele Experience 2010-03-29
This poll is about the medical condition called a "varicocele" in which the veins aroun...