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Behind Closed Doors


Locker room (pre-teen to teen boys) 2014-04-07
Locker room (pre-teen to teen boys)
Circumcision - UK girls 2010-01-28
Hi, I'd just like to know what girls in the UK think about circumcision...
Questions 2002-12-16
Interesting questions
are YOU circumcised? -males only 2004-12-09
This poll is to see exactly how many males tips are snipped. Please answer honestly. thanks
ARE MOST GUYS CUT OR UNCUT?????? 2003-01-02
Are u Cut or Uncut?
Girls seeing boys naked 2008-06-22
There are loads of penis and circumcision polls here on Mr. Poll, but hardly anything at all for ...
Girls, Do you prefer Cut or uncut 2010-05-10
A poll to determine if the majority of girls prefer a certain kind of penis or if it makes no dif...
boys and nudity 2014-02-10
I am a 14yr old boy, and i sometimes like to be nude at home.
circumcision and foreskin (males only) 2013-11-25
Just curious to see how men stand on the matter now a days
Cut or Uncut? 2014-03-31
Are you circumcised? Please- Only looking for US results Only looking for people under 35
Circumcision: Guys And Girls 2003-06-15
male circumcision
Circumcision by Age 2004-09-05
A poll on how old you are an whether or not you are circumcised.
Naked Friends 2007-11-08
This is for all you GUYS who've seen your friends naked
Take This If You Need to Pee! 2012-02-23
I have always enjoyed seeing how long I can hold my bladder before it bursts! I decided to take s...
Male Circumcison 2001-03-31
A poll on Male Circumsion
circumcision 2002-06-03
just a question
Circumcision Trends by age and region 2002-09-17
A survey to find out if the rates of circumcision have changed over time
Women and Men! What is your stance on Circumcision 2003-03-04
This poll is a project on behalf of the University of Minnesota Duluth. UMD is not responsible fo...
One more circumcision poll for males only 2003-04-11
The medical profession has long known that there is no valid medical reason for circumcision. You...
Circumcision By Country 2003-08-27
Please answer the question that best applies to you.
Pubes 2004-11-22
Guys do you shave your pubic hair?
How's It Hanging Gentlemen 2004-12-26
Gentlemen, when Willy is at rest, which way does he hang?
If you could have chosen, would you still be circumcized? 2006-08-11
This is a poll for guys who were circumcised at birth. I know a lot of guys are happy they were c...
using the URINAL 2007-07-20
do you look at the person next to you
Circumcision (question for ladies) 2007-10-07
Circumcision is done today to infants because of the belief it is aesthetically pleasing or paren...