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Behind Closed Doors


boys and nudity 2014-02-10
I am a 14yr old boy, and i sometimes like to be nude at home.
Who sees you naked? (boys only please) 2004-01-07
This is just to find out how many boys prefer to be naked than always clotherd
Take This If You Need to Pee! 2012-02-23
I have always enjoyed seeing how long I can hold my bladder before it bursts! I decided to take s...
Freeballing/Going Commando--Str8 Dudes only 2006-07-10
This poll is about guys ideas about freeballing/going commando.
Sleeping with parents #1 (Males only) 2013-11-25
This poll focus on situations where mom sleeps with her son, and dad sleeps with her daughter. Pl...
nudist family 2014-06-09
Hi my name is kyler and I am a young kid who has come into a different styleof living. Recently m...
Guys only: showering in a public shower-room. 2014-07-29
This survey is only for guys who have showered completely naked in a locker room with public/open...
Au natural, trimmer, shaved or waxed 2014-08-25
How do women maintain their pubic hairs
PE Uniform 2001-06-07
When I was at school in England about fifteen years ago, for gym we were only allowed to wear a p...
Being naked in front of brother/sister 2001-10-14
How do you feel about your brother or sister seeing you without any clothes on? Did you used to n...
Do men wear thongs? 2002-03-17
With so many sites to purchase thong underwear, I have to wonder how many men really wear them.
tanlines 2002-03-20
We're just going to ask you a few questions about them.
Tickling Poll 2002-06-06
This poll is related to all things tickling. Rated PG or so. ;-)
Men and underware 2002-08-06
How many men ware thongs or g-strings.
Speedos and Boys and the way they feel.. 2002-09-25
This poll asks a few questions about how guys feel about speedos. If you find this poll interesti...
Barefoot Guys? 2002-10-07
Do you think it seems gay for a guy to be barefoot most of the time at home?
Does Everyone have some GAY in them? (men only) 2002-11-22
Hello, I am doing a little sex-related research regarding homosexuality and it's true nature. As ...
Does everyone have some GAY in them: PART 2 2002-12-03
I am quite astonished at the findings of our first poll. Though these polls are not scientificall...
Are You Interested in Enemas? 2003-02-27
Enemas seem to be a popular topic. This survey is designed to learn more about people's interest...
Spying On People Undressing 2003-02-27
Just wondering how many of you have ever secretly watched someone undressing or in a state of und...
what do you wear at home(Males) 2003-02-28
this is just to see what you wear at home because I'm only allowed to wear briefs in my house and...
Young Freballers 2003-03-04
How many guys out there are freeballers?
barefoot kids 2003-04-11
KIDS do you like going barefoot?
What parts on a guy's body should be shaved or trimmed? 2003-04-24
What parts on a guy's body should be shaved or trimmed?
Sons who are bathed by their mothers 2003-05-20
This is a poll to get an idea of the age which boys are still given baths by their mothers. Judgi...