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Behind Closed Doors


Parents and nudity 2001-08-22
Attitudes about nudity and parenthood
Girls: How old were you when you first saw a penis? 2002-12-09
Hello. I can remember when I was 9 and saw my first penis. I am curious as to how old you(girls o...
It's been a mystery for the ladies for years and now you guys can make a difference! Take this po...
The pee your pants test 2013-07-02
I bet I can make you pee your pants
Guys Undewear 2014-04-07
Poll about what kind of underwear guys wear. Age 13-30
sister-brother handjobs 2014-07-08
My first experience with a real live penis was with my brothers'. I'm curious if many other ladi...
Bare feet in food 2001-09-03
I am a 14 yr old American girl, and it sounds strange, but I love getting my feet dirty in mud an...
Female peeing 2001-10-31
What will you do in reality?
Boys Underwear Poll (10-17) 2001-11-12
Im am curious about peoples preferencies when it comes to underwear, so if you can please fill in...
Bathroom habits 2002-01-27
Do you think you have strange bathroom habits? You may not be the only one. Some of your strange...
Locker Room 2002-06-18
Every guy has been in a locker room. Here are a few questions about what you do in the locker room.
Humiliation (guys only) 2002-08-22
Embarrassing Situations
Guy's wedgies/wedgie picking 2002-09-04
To find out what kind of underwear causes the most wedgies for guys and do they pick them out.
Men only. Do you sleep naked? 2003-01-03
I made this poll just because I wanted to know how many there is who sleeps naked.
Breastfeeding poll 2003-03-09
This poll has been designed to know people's attitudes towards breastfeeding.
incest yes or no 2003-03-31
please be honest and open
Hot Tub Users Please 2003-04-09
If you own or use a hot tub on a regular basis, I'd like to know a little about your experiences,...
Ultimate Male Locker Room Poll 2003-05-01
Adult male habits in the locker room
male behaviour when nude(15-30)MEN ONLY 2003-05-01
This poll is made to know the male attitude when nude in differnt situations¡how do they react t...
On the beach 2003-08-18
When your on the beach and you have to pee what do you do
Guys--how do you get dressed? 2003-08-26
What sequence do you use to get dressed/undressed?
One more barefoot poll (girls only) 2003-09-25
Yes, it may seem boring, but I've got a special reason to create this poll, so please fill it in ...
Sex with your sister/brother 2003-09-26
I've often fantasized of sex with my sister but dont know how to make it a reality or should I?
Guys And Their Best Friends (MALE ONLY) 2004-01-09
How Straight Male Best Friends Act Around Each Other.
Sleeping in Briefs 2004-01-17
Interested in knowing about guys who sleep in their briefs, and why these prefer to sleep that way.