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Behind Closed Doors


Male Masturbation 2014-08-05
To explore the Masturbation habits of other Males and Teenagers. Be honest and Thanks in advance ...
are YOU circumcised? -males only 2004-12-09
This poll is to see exactly how many males tips are snipped. Please answer honestly. thanks
Your worst wedgie 2005-02-02
What was your worst wedgie ever
Peeing Scenarios 2012-02-27
What would you do in the following peeing scenarios?? GIRLS ONLY!!
boys and nudity 2014-02-10
I am a 14yr old boy, and i sometimes like to be nude at home.
Guys only: showering in a public shower-room. 2014-07-29
This survey is only for guys who have showered completely naked in a locker room with public/open...
Spanking among roommates 2014-08-13
A poll for everyone who has entered into an arrangement with roommates (i.e. not romantic partner...
Incest family-how did it start? 2014-08-25
It seems rather strange for a family to engage in incest so I was wondering how it started. Wher...
Men Only: Have Girls/Women Seen You Nude? 2003-04-07
Men: Have you been seen nude by girls and women? This is a revised version of an earlier poll; ...
Incest Poll 2003-10-10
I have allways wanted to have sex with my mom. I am trying to find out if anyone else has the sam...
It's been a mystery for the ladies for years and now you guys can make a difference! Take this po...
Girls and Swimsuit 2005-01-13
What kind of swimsuits do you prefeir?
Incest 2005-01-18
This poll is to clear up what people really think about incest. Bad or Good... You decide.
Random Sex Poll 2005-10-04
These are not actually questions about having sex randomly, but some random questions about sex.
The Ultimate Male Pubic Hair Shaving Poll 2007-06-15
This poll will gather imformation about various aspects of shaving/trimming and styling mens pubi...
Facesitting Challenge !! 2010-01-19
Imagine that you and your wrestling buddies (friends or family members) decide to wrestle each ot...
CFNM Poll: Male Behavior 2013-01-03
CFNM Poll: Male Behavior
The pee your pants test 2013-07-02
I bet I can make you pee your pants
How should I tie up my friend? 2014-03-03
Last time my friend tied me up. Now its my turn, I get to tie her up. <br>This is the first...
Slave to my Brother 2014-03-24
I'm a slave to my young brother, Josh. Please give him ideas and options on what to do with me.
Women: Specify your ideal penis 2014-05-27
For women only.
Would You Shrink Someone if You Had the Chance?! 2014-06-13
You have complete control and unlimited power to do anything you want, with no repercussions what...
Women, you're at a beach and half the women are topless and half not 2014-06-30
Do you take your top off or not?
sister-brother handjobs 2014-07-08
My first experience with a real live penis was with my brothers'. I'm curious if many other ladi...
Mom co-sleeping with daughter 2014-08-13
I recently saw this article by a woman who often co-sleeps with her daughter: <a href="ht...