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Behind Closed Doors


crazy question for girls only......... 2015-07-10
What would it take for you to tie down a sexy stranger, slowly stroke him, tease him for a bit, t...
u decide how gross 2015-06-21
I tie my guy to the bed naked and spread eagle. He is blindfolded and earphones. I play with hi...
GIRLS Only: Choose Your Crime and Punishment 2015-06-21
Questions about your choice of crime and punishment
How do you pee at the beach ? 2015-06-21
I wonder what you do when you have to pee at the beach
Growing Up and Puberty (for guys 13-25) 2015-06-21
Growing Up and Puberty (for guys 13-25)
Your life as a baby (fictional) 2015-06-21
Your life as a baby (fictional)
A contest for horny gay stories. Write freely about your gay sexual experiences.
Girls, what kind of guy belly do you like to touch? 2015-06-21
Girls, what kind of guy belly do you like to touch?
Keeping boys in diapers 2015-06-21
Boys are almost always potty trained too early so they can't wear diapers as long as they need th...
Spanking 25 Male Stars 2015-06-21
Describe Your Fabtasy Spanking for Each of these Celebrity Guys. Include: Who would Spank Them ...
tickling very ticklish boys 2015-06-21
This poll is for ppl who like to tickle very ticklish boys like me. I'm 14 & really love bein...
Spankable Boys 2015-06-21
Answer the Questions and On Essay Questions Please Describe the Spanking you'd give include how l...
When Not to Use a Condom 2015-06-21
I believe that condoms are useful for safe sex, however, i'm interested in when it could be appro...
Dare to wet 2015-06-21
There are some places I would dare to wet my knickers if I needed to. These questions are about t...
Penis size poll (Men only) 2015-06-21
Just collecting information on different sizes / girths etc. PLEASE BE HONEST!!!
Groin-shot: Fact or Fiction 2015-06-21
<p>Most people are aware that a strike in the groin is painful. In fact it can be painful ...
Boys in swimwear and underwear 2015-06-21
Boys in swimwear and underwear
Girls: How would you tie me up? 2.0 2015-06-21
The second poll I made about girls tying me up.
Les femmes et le Ballbusting 2015-06-21
Les femmes qui aiment le Ballbusting
My sister is so MEAN! 2015-06-21
My sister (Melody;15) and her friend (Judith;15) were in my Melody's room for a sleepover.They we...
Pubes (for boys and young men) 2015-06-21
This poll is for boys and young men with pubic hair (or could grow it if they chose).
Copping a Feel of Your Friend's Mom 2015-06-01
Copping a Feel of Your Friend's Mom
darkest fantasy in bastinado/falaka feet torture 2015-06-01
Imagine: you get the chance to realize your darkest fantasy in foot torture. Who is the person,...
Have you ever done this barefoot? 2015-06-01
Have you ever done these activities in your bare feet that people normally do while wearing shoes?
Going barefoot for girlfriend 2015-06-01
Have you ever gone barefoot for your girlfriend?