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Behind Closed Doors


Diapered thoughts 2014-06-09
Another diaper poll.
Online Discipline 2014-06-09
Ladies and gentlemen, Thank you in advance for reading! I normally get spanked for discipline ...
Wedgies and spankings for boys 2014-06-02
Some questions about wedgies and spankings (boys only)
Boobs ore breasts, which word do you usualy use? 2014-06-02
Boobs ore breasts, which word do you usualy use?
Women, how happy are you with your breast size? 2014-06-02
Women, how happy are you with your breast size?
Girls, if you could change just one thing about your body what would it be? 2014-06-02
Just one thing and only one thing.
Girls, how long is the doctor in the room with you when you get an intimate exam 2014-06-02
Who was the last person of the opposite sex to see you naked? 2014-06-02
If you're a male who was the last female to see you naked and if you're a female who was the last...
Sex while crossdressing 2014-06-02
While dressed like a woman, have you ever gotten anal sex from a man or woman?
How you would choose your Personal Secretary 2014-06-02
This poll is both for males and females and you have to specify your preferences for your persona...
Girl vs Balls II 2014-06-02
<p>Parent: <em>I heard the cry from upstairs, as I ran down to see what the crying w...
Nappy rash (kids/teens) 2014-06-02
Have you ever got nappy rash when you were too old to wear nappies? Ive got nappy rash today from...
Showering with others 2014-05-27
Showering with others
Nappies when your sick (kids) 2014-05-27
Have you ever worn a nappy when you were sick? I got really sick with the runs when i was 9 and i...
Wiping bums (kids/teens) part 2 2014-05-27
Has another kid ever wiped your bum? Do my poll if they have.
Your growth spurt 2014-05-27
Just a random poll about your growth spurt. If you have any good stories about your or someone el...
caught naked and wanking 2014-05-27
Were out of town with family and were all at a hotel. Well me and 4 of my cousins are in a room t...
Punishment for being a troll 2014-05-27
My mom found out I was trolling people on here and she said that it is wrong and in just to trick...
I'm looking for an online master. 2014-05-27
My name is Kate. I'm 18, blonde and looking for an online master.
Women: Specify your ideal penis 2014-05-27
For women only.
Am i too old to wet myself? 2014-05-27
Im a 13 year old girl and i wet myself a lot. Sometimes its an accident and sometimes i do it for...
Female Doctor + Male Patient = Erection 2014-05-27
I was experiencing lower abdominal pains and I scheduled an appointment with my doctor. I found o...
Bedwetting kids sharing a bed 2014-05-27
Have you ever shared a bed with another kid and wet the bed? What happened?
Theater Sex 2014-05-19
There are a couple of dirty movie theaters where we live. My husband likes to take me there and ...
Punishments stricter for boys than girls? 2014-05-19
My friend's parents are very strict. He lives with his mom and dad, and his 17 year old sister. ...