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Behind Closed Doors


Being Shirtless (for teen and college guys) 2015-03-30
Being Shirtless (for teen and college guys)
What Guys Think About Girls (for teen and college guys) 2015-03-30
What Guys Think About Girls (for teen and college guys)
Orgasm Denial 2015-03-23
Hi I'm a 21 year old sissy, I absolutely love orgasm tease and denial. I love wearing panties and...
School toilets (girls) 2015-03-23
Toilets at your school
UK Men circumcised 2015-03-23
UK MEN ONLY!!!!! To find out when and why you are circumcised
Sex before puberty (females only) 2015-03-23
This poll contains a few questions directed at girls who had sex before puberty. Please do not a...
Original Pee Scenarios 2015-03-23
Original Pee Scenarios
French kissing 2015-03-23
French kissing
Self Spanking 2015-03-23
I've procrastinated and not turned in papers on time and my grades are dropping, also I have play...
Hardest Pee Holding Challenge Poll 2015-03-23
This is a poll for the determined person who thinks that their bladder is the strongest. We will ...
Boys- where do you like to masturbate 2015-03-23
It is something we all do. From the age of about 12 or 13 even those who think it is sinful do it...
hairbrush spanking 2015-03-23
This is for people who are or were spanked with a hairbrush
Directory 2015-03-23
Contains links to my other polls for easy access
Being Nude- girls 2015-03-23
Being Nude- girls
Ladies- Have you ever performed an impromptu striptease? 2015-03-23
Ladies- Have you ever performed an impromptu striptease?
Punish Me (F) 2015-03-23
I've been all around naughty, give me what I deserve. May include: Spanking, corner time, lines...
Psych class poll: Guys only, please. 2015-03-23
I'm doing this for extra credit in my psych class. Sort of an informal way of looking at how we t...
Metal detectors and student strip searches in schools 2015-03-23
Schools in the US (and perhaps other countries) are taking security more and more seriously. Man...
my friends dad gave me a wedgie 2015-03-23
My name is Johnny and when this happened I was 12 years old. It was summer time and my dad went ...
Poll for ticklers 2015-03-23
A poll for the ticklers out there and the kind of Lee they like
Friends and Bros (for teen and college age guys) 2015-03-23
Friends and Bros (for teen and college age guys)
spanked by a celeb 2015-03-23
i have always fantasied about a celeb woman spanking me id love it to be wendy williams what a p...
Should I carry on being a crossdresser? 2015-03-02
I've worn women's clothes on and off since I was 12. Now I'm in my mid 30s. Help me decide if I s...
Kids: Ever got wet while wearing your pyjamas? 2015-03-02
I once took a shower while wearing my pyjamas when I was younger, so I'm making this poll to see...
Punishment for my son 2015-03-02
My son is driving me crazy, how should I punish him? He is only 13 so no extreme stuff, be a bit ...