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Behind Closed Doors


Beauty Pageant 2014-07-14
This is a picture of me and my lovely friends. It's like a beauty competition, so have fun. Sh...
what if You had a slave? 2014-07-14
This is a poll asking stuff about if You had a slave. I will admit I occasionally think about thi...
Cartoon Underwear for Adults 2014-07-08
This poll is for everyone. Within the last few years there have been a few companies that have ma...
sister-brother handjobs 2014-07-08
My first experience with a real live penis was with my brothers'. I'm curious if many other ladi...
Help in the toilet (kids/teens) 2014-07-08
Has anyone ever helped another kid go to the toilet?
Cloth or Disposable 2014-07-07
I'm about to buy either disposable diapers or a stash of cloth diapers. Which ones are better?
Mutter hat Lust auf den Po der Tochter 2014-07-07
Meistens wird es geleugnet, aber welche Mutter hat manchmal, vielleicht auch heimlich, Lust auf d...
Only boy at a Ballerina camp for the summer. 2014-06-30
Being the only boy in a ballerina camp for girls for the summer. Ages 6-15
Girls, would you have a problem with your guy going to a female urologist? 2014-06-30
Millions of women go to male gynecologists and their guys don't care, so I'm wondering if the rev...
Women, you're at a beach and half the women are topless and half not 2014-06-30
Do you take your top off or not?
Guys, your wife or girlfriend has to chose between two doctors 2014-06-30
The doctor will be doing all her exams, including intimate exams. They are both equally qualified...
Women, you have the choice between two doctors 2014-06-30
This doctor is going to do all your regular exams, including intimate exams. They are both equall...
women, you are having an exam and the nurse says to take everything off, 2014-06-30
but you can leave your socks on if you want.
Guys, you and your wife or gf are at a beach and half the women are topless 2014-06-30
She turns to you and asks if she should take her top off or leave it on.
What would you do if you had my feet all to yourself? 2014-06-30
I'm a guy who loves the idea of letting somebody have control over my soft, sensitive bare fe...
Hidden/Stolen clothes from your dressing room:-)) (adult girls/women only!!) 2014-06-23
Girls, women, how many times did you have your regular clothes hidden/stolen from your dressing r...
college dorm room life (guys) 2014-06-23
Hi i am greg and i just finished my first round of college . It has been very interesting living ...
Girls peeing 2014-06-23
habits experience challenges having to do with pee
Undressing for Decontamination Procedure 2014-06-19
I've read quite a bit about different policies that emergency teams use, but I'd be interested in...
Would You Shrink Someone if You Had the Chance?! 2014-06-13
You have complete control and unlimited power to do anything you want, with no repercussions what...
Doctor's stirrups 2014-06-09
This is a follow up poll to my other polls about First GYN exam and doctor exams as kids. When ta...
Couples Tag Wrestling 2014-06-09
This is a poll for guys and girls, males and females. Various tag team situations are available,...
Bath together (kids/teens) 2014-06-09
Have you ever had a bath with another kid? Do my poll if you have.
Fatten Me Up 2014-06-09
I want to be a big pudgy belly girl. Kind of a fantasy poll
nudist family 2014-06-09
Hi my name is kyler and I am a young kid who has come into a different styleof living. Recently m...