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Behind Closed Doors


Rate my penis (guys only) 2015-03-02
I am 22 years old and my penis is 4.95 inches long, and 4.65 inches in girth.
Tickling My Feet 2015-03-02
I am a 19 year old male and I would like to know how you would tickl my feet. I'm bisexua so it d...
Testicle Massage / Ball Squeezing 2015-03-02
I very much like having my balls massaged, and sometimes squeezed really hard. Oh, not enough to ...
Lost a Bet: Draw on My Body 2015-03-02
Guys: I'm a girl who loses a bet to you and have to let you write and draw on me
Effective Punishments for teenage boys (boys only) 2015-02-17
If you are a boy aged 11-19 you are probably sometimes punished. There are so many ways to punish...
Please move my shoe, shoeplay, dangling, shoe off. Ladies only. 2015-02-09
Please move my shoe, shoeplay, dangling, shoe off. Ladies only.
Peeing at a cemetery (girls only) 2015-02-09
A poll to find out if your in a cemetery or near one and need to pee how and where do you do it?
Male experimenting 2015-02-09
Whether you're gay, straight, or bi, there's a chance you've sexually experimented with a guy at ...
girls facesiting boys 2015-02-09
girls only i want 2 know ur way of facesiting
Young male teenagers poll 2015-02-09
This poll is mainly to see what young male teenagers like myself like and don't like.
Teen Guy Stuff (for teen guys) 2015-02-09
Teen Guy Stuff (for teen guys)
Sitting on my face 2015-02-09
If you had the opportunity to sit on my face would you do it.
Decide and Watch My Self-Punishment 2015-02-09
Dear all, Thank you for reading this poll. Please help me decide a self-punishment for pro...
How Should He Gag Me? (M/M) 2015-02-09
So my boyfriend will be coming over and we'll have the house to ourselves. I'm overdue for a gagg...
Adolescent Constipation and Bowel Prep for Medical Procedures 2015-02-09
This is a poll about experiences treating constipation in adolescents and about adolescents that ...
My punishment 2015-02-09
I got in a fight and my parents want to know others opinions on what's necessary for punishment
spank 2015-02-09
I've been a naughty little girl and i need a good spanking
First Poll! 2015-01-25
First Poll!
Self spanking help 2015-01-13
Help me decide my self spanking. I have been doing a ton of things I shouldn't and I need to be ...
carseat at 13 years 2015-01-13
I'm a 13 yr old girl and am still sitting in a carseat. We've a multimac: http://www.multimac.co...
The first pie in the face from mom:-)) (boys only!!) 2015-01-13
Boys, how did you get your first pie in the face from your mother, fulfilling your slapstick fan...
Create a mixed wrestler 2015-01-13
Use these options to create a wrestler. This wrestler may be used in future polls/leagues! Have...
A good girl with a naughty bottom 2015-01-13
The last month I have learned a lot about my spanking needs after talking to fellow poll maker Da...
Tied up naked or just tied up? 2015-01-13
When your getting tied up or you are tying up someone else, what would you prefer? Is nudity an i...
Girls vs Guys Muscle? 2015-01-13
This poll asks about guy's strength, and then displays several women, and asks to compare them.