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Behind Closed Doors


Women, do you examine you own breasts as you're supposed to? 2014-03-24
Women, do you examine you own breasts as you're supposed to?
Question for women who have a male doctor do their female exams 2014-03-24
Why do you have a male and not a female do those exams?
Women, do you have to lower your gown for the doctor to listen to your heart? 2014-03-24
Women, do you have to lower your gown for the doctor to listen to your heart?
i like being naked 2014-03-24
Last monday so hot, I got naked in my room and slept naked that night. The very next morning i wo...
Nipple Cripple 2014-03-24
I am 18 now and a girl. I remember back in my school days, between the ages of 12 and 16 boys use...
Was this punishment too harsh? 2014-03-24
I heard of one woman who had very well behaved children. She explained that the secret was in her...
How should punish my brother? 2014-03-24
My name is Jamie and I'm a 17 year old guy, I describe myself as bisexual but I mostly like men a...
Girls dressing guys 2014-03-24
Girls have you ever dressed a guy in female clothing?
Slave to my Brother 2014-03-24
I'm a slave to my young brother, Josh. Please give him ideas and options on what to do with me.
Penis size (for women only) 2014-03-17
Poll about different penis sizes and preferences!
Genital Spanking 2014-03-17
I live in a family where i am the only blood child of my parents, and my siblings are all adopted...
Being the only boy at a girlie all girls only sleepover 2014-03-17
Describe this for only 9-15 year olds only
Which Doctor Who companion is the hottest? 2014-03-14
Which Doctor Who companion is the hottest?
Size doesn't matter 2014-03-10
This is to settle an friendly argument I am having with my friend. I say that size doesn't matte...
teen boy brother experimenting 2014-03-10
My name is matthew and I am a gemini(twin). I am making this poll to see if anyone else has exper...
Falaka for wheelchair kids 2014-03-10
As a little boy and also now sometimes, i often get the falaka for do something bad. I sat in my ...
Pull starting! (for women only) 2014-03-10
Pull starting! (for women only)
parents behind closed doors 2014-03-03
i talk many country and i find each raised there kids diffrently i am very open minded so i just...
How should I tie up my friend? 2014-03-03
Last time my friend tied me up. Now its my turn, I get to tie her up. <br>This is the first...
Peeing in a randoms car (girls only) 2014-03-03
Ive found over the years one of the most discrete ways to pee in public is find a random car unlo...
spanked for twerking 2014-03-03
I was practicing twerking when my cousin walked in. She has decided I am going to get spanked for...
Those who have tattoos 2014-03-03
This poll is for men and women who have tattoos and how it affects their daily. !Please note¡ So...
Face Fart Torture 2014-02-25
Who would you want fart torture from?
would you let your son swim nude. 2014-02-25
Last summer my nine year old forgot his swim clothes and we live on the other side town from the ...
WOMEN ONLY; For wives, fiancees and girlfriends who like to depants their men... 2014-02-25
Are you one of those women who love to playfully pull down (or off!) the pants of the man that yo...