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Behind Closed Doors


boys who throw shoes or clothes out car windows 2014-12-04
i have heard of boys who throw their shoes and/or clothes out of car windows, and i have tried it...
Homemade toys 2014-11-24
What are some good homemade toys? Like dildos and plugs. Open to more than just that as well.
Incest after a spanking 2014-11-24
Thus poll is to find out how a spanking may lead to incest, and see how many have experienced this.
your toilet routine (not dirty) 2014-11-24
I would love to find out if there's any difference between men and women sitting on the toilet.
Help Me Self Motivate 2014-11-24
I am a 16 year old teenage boy. My dad is always working, and my grandma leaves me alone. Therefo...
Would you want a strip club in Stellenbosch South africa 2014-11-24
I am currently seeking a little indication on how popular or desired a up market strip club would...
Panty Punishment 2014-11-24
I'm in panty punishment right now, and it's hard. I was wondering how many other submissive men w...
wedgie quiz for dads 2014-11-24
Hi I'm a dad who loves wedgies. Here are so questions for u dads who love given your son a huge w...
Help me with my self punishment 2014-11-17
I'm failing one class already this quarter. I need some help to get back on track. 18 year old male
parents sex toys 2014-11-17
ever find your parents sex toys?
Women and Girls: How many of you light your fart gas on fire? 2014-11-17
Human flatus (fart gas) can be quite flammable. It is mostly produced as a by-product of bacteria...
Guy's and friends (MEN ONLY) 2014-11-17
I made this poll to see what guy's do with their friends
Bi Curious 2014-11-17
For Bi Curious guys
Doll Transformation 2014-11-04
If you transformed me into a doll, what sort of doll would I be?
Did you have to leave naked? 2014-11-04
Based on a recent fantasy of mine, I want to know if anyone has had to leave someplace naked. I'...
Woman In Charge 2014-11-04
Do you believe in relationships where the woman is in total charge and the man is her servant or ...
dad wedgie 2014-11-04
In John and a single father of my 10 year old son Jack. I love given Jack a wedgie. I remember ho...
How would you tickle torture a chubby male ex-jock? 2014-10-26
I am a 6'4" 220lbs male with a nice fuzzy belly and pits, and smooth clean size 13 feet. I h...
Sister vs Sister 2014-10-26
This is a poll showing sisters, and you decide which one is more attractive. Then, feel free to s...
Mothers, birthdays & bloopers :-)) (adult women only!!) 2014-10-26
Women, how many times (since you are a mother) have you been subjected to embarrassing pranks (wi...
dads wedgie sons 2014-10-26
Hey yall it's Jake here. I lived on a farm with my dad. So as a father of a 10 year old son ther...
college room mate (male) 2014-10-26
college room mate (male)
Spanked by a Bodybuilder 2014-10-26
Some people seem to have fantasies about being spanked by a male bodybuilder. This poll is to se...
If you needed to tie me up and/or I needed to tie you up (females only please) 2014-10-26
I am a guy in my early twenties, I am tall, have brown hair, green eyes, and am very outgoing. I ...
never hug dad unless you want a wedgie 2014-10-26
So since its just me and my dad my dad likes to do guy things. I'm 11 and my dad is ripped. So ...