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Behind Closed Doors


Theater Sex 2014-05-19
There are a couple of dirty movie theaters where we live. My husband likes to take me there and ...
Punishments stricter for boys than girls? 2014-05-19
My friend's parents are very strict. He lives with his mom and dad, and his 17 year old sister. ...
For girls 4'11" or under and 175 lbs or over. I'm a 6'1", 125-lb guy. 2014-05-19
For girls 4'11" or under and 175 lbs or over. I'm a 6'1", 125-lb guy.
how should I punish myself? 2014-05-19
I have been a very bad girl and need you to punish me
Tie me up 2014-05-19
I am 19 years old and interested in self bondage. I do not have any special equipment, only hous...
Women and fisting 2014-05-19
With a generation growing up with easy access to all kinds of Internet pornography, more and more...
Girls-have you been caught masturbating? 2014-05-19
Interested to see how did you react to such an embarrassing situation.Please tell us your story
girls helping boys pee 2014-05-19
Have you helped your little brother or boy you were babysitting pee? How did you help him? Please...
Beginning again 2014-05-19
I have a girlfriend and everything and I have sworn off crossdressing to myself. However, I just ...
Your Underwear (Females only) 2014-05-05
Your Underwear (Females only)
gunge 2014-05-05
sometime in the future i'm going to gunge myself, help me decide how to do it
Boys who read this magazine 2014-05-05
For boys 7-14 only who read this that's for tween girls only!
Men & Women; Taking off your pants/skirt when you arrive home at night 2014-05-05
A lot of people, when arriving back home late from work and feeling tired, love to take off their...
Naked with Friends (Guys only) 2014-05-05
Naked with Friends (Guys only)
Guys Pubic Hair 2014-05-05
Guys Pubic Hair
Girls opinions on crossdressing males. 2014-05-05
I am a girl whose friend told me he wears women's clothes. I'm wondering if anyone shares my expe...
Spanking the Unpunished 2014-05-05
My whole life, my parents have been very lenient with punishing me. Nonetheless, I believe I have...
GYN exams (girls only of course) 2014-05-05
This is a follow up poll from your first GYN; Located at: http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/5893...
Wrestling, girl vs me 2014-05-05
Just a poll to see what kinds of tactics a woman other than my girlfriend would use in a wrestlin...
Boys who read this magazine 2014-05-05
Boys who read this magazine
i deserve a punishment (female) appropriate 2014-04-28
Needs to be approprite
Couples tag team match 2014-04-28
You and your partner in a tag team wrestling match against another couple. A few questions to se...
Underwear poll 2014-04-28
This poll is for men and women on underwear you wear and have worn.
Are You An Adult Female Who Gets Spanked? 2014-04-28
For adult females 21 & up
nudism and infancy to potty training 2014-04-28
nudism and infancy to potty training