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Behind Closed Doors


WOMEN ONLY; For wives, fiancees and girlfriends who like to depants their men... 2014-02-25
Are you one of those women who love to playfully pull down (or off!) the pants of the man that yo...
Boys - A situation with friends 2014-02-25
Please answer this poll honestly
Boys and Men: How did spanking affect you? 2014-02-19
The practice of spanking children and teens for discipline is controversial, and is no longer pra...
things kids do today 2014-02-19
when i was a kid we was very open but kids now same more modest just want see if i right
women in peril. 2014-02-19
For fans of women in perilous situations. Such as tied to buzzsaws or the train tracks.
Pooping on purpose 2014-02-10
Pooping on purpose
Female Adults Who Get Spanked 2014-02-10
This poll is for adult females only 21 & over who have corporal punishment administered to th...
Survey for women about sleeping nude 2014-02-10
****An update to previous polls***** Studies have been done that seem to prove that sleeping w...
boys and nudity 2014-02-10
I am a 14yr old boy, and i sometimes like to be nude at home.
face sat by a child 2014-02-10
face sat by a child
Women pantsing men (Women only) 2014-02-10
Women pantsing men (Women only)
Women, what is the most and the least emarrassing part of an intimate exam? 2014-02-02
What parts of an intimate exam do you consider to be the most and least embarrassing?
sharing underwear with other guys. 2014-02-02
Curious if guys share their underwear with people they are close to.
Need wedgie master!! 2014-01-27
Need a wedgie master to tell me to do wedgies I'm a girl age 13 will do hanging dangling regular ...
Have you ever put superglue on a sexy woman's chair? 2014-01-27
As the title says, this poll is about those pranks in which someone puts superglue on a beautiful...
Boys reading 2014-01-27
Boys who read girl magazines.
Where should i pose nude? 2014-01-27
Want to take photos of me nude in public. What locations should i pose in?
What do you sleep in -BOYS only 2014-01-27
Looking to see what boys wear to bed to sleep in at nite.
Have you ever masturbated on a rollercoaster? 2014-01-27
Male or female, have you ever masturbated on a rollercoaster?
My future slave 2014-01-27
My future slave
female exam 2014-01-20
describe your latest or worst gynecology or play exam! females only. please add details in the me...
How should I be tied up? 2014-01-20
My friend found some bondage stuff in my room, and she wants to tie me up, how should she tie me up?
Superbowl 48 Bet 2014-01-20
Who wants to make a Nude bet on the Superbowl? Loser has to send 6 nude photos to the winner who...
Guys only: Public urination 2014-01-16
Guys, how often do you whip it out and piss in public? When you gotta go, where do you let your s...
Have you ever been humiliated by a girl before? 2014-01-16
Have you ever been humiliated by a girl before?