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Behind Closed Doors


My two sons need more discipline 2014-04-21 (closed)
I have two sons, Maximilian, 18 years old, and Alexander, 14 years old. Both are very rebellious....
shirtless and barefoot in public 2014-04-21
Ok today my two friends came by to play some video games. Well as usual I am lounging around shir...
Guys Sleeping Habbits 2014-04-21
Guys Sleeping Habbits
Ok.... so this is annoying!!! 2014-04-21
Ok, so I had an account on this, fir a rather long time. Some how I lost the password to that one...
GIRLS Sharing a room with your sibling 2014-04-14
This is for GIRLS that have shared a room with a sibling growing up.
Singing in the Shower 2014-04-14
Just a simple poll about who sings in the shower.
male underwear? 2014-04-14
men how do you wear your underwear and kind?
Embarrassing bloopers with your aunt :-)) (girls only!!) 2014-04-14
Girls, how many times have you been badly teased or scolded by your aunt in the most embarrassin...
Guys Undewear 2014-04-07
Poll about what kind of underwear guys wear. Age 13-30
How comfortable are you of being seen nude by someone of the following groups? 2014-04-07
How comfortable are you of being seen nude by someone of the following groups?
Should doctors examine the breasts of women under 26 years old? 2014-04-07
The rate of breast cancer in women under 26 is extremely small. And the rate of breast cancer in ...
what should i do? 2014-04-07
I am a 15 year old girl. My parents are divorced I know I need discipline and spanking but while ...
Locker room (pre-teen to teen boys) 2014-04-07
Locker room (pre-teen to teen boys)
My first poll!!!! 2014-04-07
Yayyyy!!! Please give me ideas and tips for polls!!!
Punishment 2014-04-07
I've stopped focusing and work and stopped caring about a lot as well as some other stuff (which ...
Discipline by Daughters 2014-04-07
For mothers disciplined by teenage daughters and teenage girls who discipline their mothers
When would you teach your kids about sex? 2014-04-07
After constantly listening to 14 years of fanatical 'anti-sex & nudity' preaching from my par...
Attitudes Towards Transgendered Women 2014-04-07
As a transgendered woman early in transition, I'm very interested in attitudes of the general pub...
Zone Math 2014-04-03
If 5 + 2 = 7, 2 + 5 + 100 = 107!
Bisexual women only 2014-03-31
I'm a male who is just curious about bisexual women over the age of 21. Please help to keep his p...
Cut or Uncut? 2014-03-31
Are you circumcised? Please- Only looking for US results Only looking for people under 35
Spanking Tournament Round 2 2014-03-31 (closed)
The winners from Round 1
What kind of polls should I make?? 2014-03-31
I can't think of a good poll, and want to have you give me ideas!! Your idea might get picked
Spanking List 2014-03-31
Ever since I was caught twerking (http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/547988) My cousin (who I live ...
Self spanking 2014-03-24
Hi. I am a teenage female and I have decided to take up self spanking for reasons that I prefer n...