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Behind Closed Doors


Boys and girls peeing and pooping 2016-05-22
I'd like to take a poll comparing boys and girls peeing and pooping. There are choices for both b...
Masturbation Survey! GIRLS ONLY 2016-05-20
Masturbation Survey! GIRLS ONLY
Being Diaper Punished by g/f (female votes only) 2016-05-20
So, my g/f has forced me to come on here for punishment inspirations. She specified that she only...
Self-orgasm denial 2016-05-16
I'm a horny sub girl and I really like to be denied my orgasms and have to beg for release so I'v...
Roleplay 2016-05-16
I want to roleplay anything with anyone, I am a male but am willing to roleplay either gender, ta...
Barefoot at home rules 2016-05-16
How many have a barefoot at home rule? I myself have a self imposed rule that I must be in bare...
Use me as your slave 2016-05-14
If you could use me as your slave would you? What would you use me for, take this poll and let me...
Just another Spanking Poll 2016-05-14
I've been on this site since 2003 and since that time I have met quite a lot of people and quite ...
Mother pee situations at swimming pool 2016-05-09
When you have to go while in a pool and are looking after a young child, and the bathroom is far ...
Any bi girls date a bi guy 2016-05-08
Any bi girls date a bi guy
Accidental wetting 2016-05-08
Has anyone been caught short and weed themselves before finding a toilet?
Self-Wedgies 2016-05-07
Do you like to give yourself wedgies?
i want to submit 2016-05-07
Make me go from independent woman to dependent little girl
Open nudity 2016-05-07
I am a preteen nudist. I want any young person to vote in the poll. I am a open nudist.
Job Interview and Sex 2016-05-07
This is to find out how many guys have had sex (or are willing to have sex) with a male on an int...
Best way to rack a guy? 2016-05-07
Best way to rack a guy?
Unusual Vagina Inspections 2016-04-28
This poll is to find out how many girls have had an unusual experience during a pelvic exam or an...
Allowed to wet 2016-04-23
When I was young my mother didn't seem to mind if we wet our knickers, she was never angry if she...
Making Out: Girls Only 2016-04-23
Brief poll on girls' preferences while making out.
Extended well-child and well teen physicals 2016-04-23
In certain areas the health authorities has begun to subject children and teens to extended well-...
Hardest "Dont Pee Challenge" Ever 2016-04-23
Infant Teachers and Poopy Diapers 2016-04-23
This poll is for infant teachers and infant caregivers in a daycare, or infant room setting, that...
Some Guy Stuff (for guys 13-25) 2016-04-23
Some Guy Stuff (for guys 13-25)
Are you a Turd Burgler? 2016-03-08
Would you describe yourself a a Turd Burgler?
Bladder Stretching 2016-03-01
I've heard of this as a tool for both punishment and helping with bladder control. I was wonderin...