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Behind Closed Doors


Bro Bonding (just for the guys) 2016-07-28
Just wondering how guys bond with brothers.
Bros and What's Cool (for the guys) 2016-07-22
Bros and What's Cool (for the guys)
Puberty and Growing Up (for guys) 2016-07-22
Puberty and Growing Up (for guys)
Girls Only: BJ's 2016-07-20
A poll asking questions about Bjs.
Sleepovers 2016-07-20
What were/are sleepovers like for you?
My Routine 2016-06-25
Hi, I am a high school age girl who has been a betwetter for her entire life. If you follow my po...
Sex 2016-06-10
Teens & young adults who sleep with stuffed animals 2016-06-08
I'm a college student who sleeps with stuffed animals every night, and I have since High School. ...
Hanging Out and Guy Stuff (for guys 13-25) 2016-06-08
Hanging Out and Guy Stuff (for guys 13-25)
Treated like a baby 2016-06-08
Are you kept as or treated like a baby?
boy teenage shave own pubes 2016-06-05
my girlfriend says i should make this poll and see if anyone want me to shave my pubes off she...
Punishment? 2016-06-05
I am not doing well in college and was wondering if there are are suggestions on how to help me i...
Habits girls only PLEASE 2016-06-05
GIRLS ONLY PLEASE!! Survey on pee and poop habits
embarressing situation 2016-06-05
you accidentely watch ur mom nude what will u do in diffrent situations ?
Brothers (Ladies only) 2016-06-05
Brothers (Ladies only)
Should i Shave my Pubes 2016-06-05
im a 16 year old boy, should i shave my pubes or not? my girlfriend say i should make this pol...
Humping (for guys 18-28) 2016-06-05
Humping (for guys 18-28)
Just More Guy Stuff (for guys 13-25) 2016-05-28
Just More Guy Stuff (for guys 13-25)
The Ultimate Pee Challenge 2016-05-28
This is the ultimate, hardest pee challenge ever! How long can you hold it? There will also be so...
Girls, what would you do/think if 2016-05-27
I'm just curious what you girls would really think or do if a guy accidentally revealed that he w...
Boys and girls peeing and pooping 2016-05-22
I'd like to take a poll comparing boys and girls peeing and pooping. There are choices for both b...
Masturbation Survey! GIRLS ONLY 2016-05-20
Masturbation Survey! GIRLS ONLY
Being Diaper Punished by g/f (female votes only) 2016-05-20
So, my g/f has forced me to come on here for punishment inspirations. She specified that she only...
Self-orgasm denial 2016-05-16
I'm a horny sub girl and I really like to be denied my orgasms and have to beg for release so I'v...
Roleplay 2016-05-16
I want to roleplay anything with anyone, I am a male but am willing to roleplay either gender, ta...