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Behind Closed Doors


Mixed Wrestling Boob Grab 2016-10-23
Girls, has a guy ever grabbed your boobs when wrestling? Guys, ever grabbed a girls boobs when wr...
For girls only 2016-10-13
What you like
Mixed Wrestling Orgasm 2016-10-13
Have you or your opponent ever had an orgasm in a mixed wrestling match?
diaper boys( boys poll) 2016-10-13
how many of you boys like diapers
Cleaning & bloopers at home :-)) (adult women only!!) 2016-10-01
Women, how many times did you clean and wash your floor at home, with happiness, rage or embarras...
What do men find sexy 2016-10-01
what do you find sexy
Do you like pee holding polls 2016-10-01
do you enjoy holding your pee
Human Neutering 2016-09-30
Girls Only: Cheating on Your Guy 2016-09-29
A poll asking questions about whether girls would cheat.
Cleaning & bloopers like in a silent movie.....:-)) (adult women only!!) 2016-09-24
Women, how many times did you feel amused, embarrassed or furious during your cleaning routines, ...
Manscaping 2016-09-16
What kind of manscaping (if any) do you prefer?
Go commando 2016-09-15
describe your time going commando
Girls Only: Cleaning a Guy 2016-09-14
Questions about cleaning a guy.
Decide my humiliating dress code punishment 2016-09-11
I am a 15 year old girl that has been in a lot of trouble lately I have been stilling, fighting, ...
What are you wearing 2016-09-11
Today I wore a White t-shirt, Blue shorts with green strips,Flip flops with No underwear on unde...
if you are into feet what is the best part of the foot in your opinion 2016-09-11
if you are into feet what is the best part of the foot in your opinion
Visits to the Dentist 2016-09-08
Visits to the Dentist
Girls Only: Doing It With 3 People 2016-09-08
Poll asking questions about multiple at once.
(MEN ONLY) My skirt problems, your reaction to those 2016-08-28
Hi! My name is Cheryl. I'm a 26 years-old blonde woman withe long hair and also many curves. I ha...
What would you do? 2016-08-27
What would you do to me if we were alone together?
Poll for fat or overweight males 2016-08-14
To gather the thoughts of males who are overweight
Girls - assisted in the bathroom 2016-08-10
This is for girls who have needed to be helped in the bathroom.
Bro Bonding (just for the guys) 2016-07-28
Just wondering how guys bond with brothers.
Bros and What's Cool (for the guys) 2016-07-22
Bros and What's Cool (for the guys)
Puberty and Growing Up (for guys) 2016-07-22
Puberty and Growing Up (for guys)