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Behind Closed Doors


A toes poll 2017-03-08
Toes being kissed/licked/sucked. Sexy or twisted?
How should a daughter be punished 2017-03-06
I have a 18 year old daughter and I want to know how should I punish her.
Male armpit poll 2017-03-06
Just a poll about men's armpit
Girls Vs Guys Wrestling & Fighting 2017-03-06
Can girls defeat guys in physical combat?
Family cfnm 2017-02-27
Do families practice cfnm. Cfnm stands for clothed female nude male does your family practice cfnm.
I cheated on my girlfriend and now you guys pick my punishment 2017-02-18
title says it all
Teen boys: do you like watching late night Skinemax? 2017-02-18
Teen boys: do you like watching late night Skinemax?
Naked Sleeping 2017-02-15
What circumstances would you sleep naked? What would you wear in these situations?
Your Personal Inmate 2017-02-14
I'm a 26 year old female about 5'9 and 110 lbs. Dark hair, pale skin. I'll be your inmate today.
Girls and camel toes 2017-02-07
I'm guessing most of the time, girls would not want to have their "camel toe" visible b...
Male Physical Exams 2017-02-05
What age do I have a rectal/prostate exam. What does is feel like? Good? Painful? Also, what age ...
boys who take shoes off in church and restaurants 2017-02-05
this is a poll for boys (and fathers with sons) who like to do shoeplay or take off shoes in publ...
Do you like feet? If so, what are your thoughts on them? 2017-01-27
This poll is for guys and girls who just happen to have some interest for feet, no matter how wea...
How would you tickle me? 2017-01-18
I am an 18 year old male about 5'9" tall. This poll is for you girls and guys to decide on h...
Spanquest II Feedback Poll #1 2017-01-11
This is a poll for the purpose of taking feedback by players of the game Spanquest II. Found he...
Me vs YOU in a wrestling match!!! 2017-01-04
I am a 5'11 tall and 150 pound 18 year old male. I can only bench press 110 pounds max and squat ...
Guys Experiences Wearing Panties 2017-01-04
An in depth look at guys experiences wearing panties and some fun 'what ifs"
Questions for guys (short version) 2017-01-04
Pretty much self explantory. Just questions for guys. Should be a quick poll.
Teen guys questions 2017-01-04
Just some questions for teens guys. Teen guy looking to see what I have in common with other teen...
A Turn On (for guys only) 2017-01-04
A Turn On (for guys only)
How should i spank my son? 2016-12-26
I have 11 and 12 year old boys who are very naughty they get it to fights at school, cuss at home...
Going potty in preschool or daycare. 2016-12-26
If you remember your preschool years, what was privacy like in the "potty room"? If yo...
f/m fantasy tv/film spanking 2016-12-26
hi im very much into f/m spanking would love to know who guys or ladies would like to be spanke d...
Potty terms 2016-12-26
What words did you use with your kids?
Boys and the world of peep-peep 2016-12-08
A poll for boys about their peepeeing habits when the were little.