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Behind Closed Doors


Who's clothes would you choose. 2016-11-29
Ok you get stranded away from home for a day or two at a friends place but you don't have clean c...
Guys Wearing Girls Undies 2016-11-29
Guys, do you wear girl's undies/panties? Why?
My Self Spanking 2016-11-29
I've been experimenting with self spanking recently, it's been good so far but I thought it would...
Girls, have you ever seriously considered becoming a stripper? 2016-11-29
Girls, have you ever seriously considered becoming a stripper?
Men's thongs 2016-11-29
Men's thongs
Make-up & bloopers at the mirror :-)) (girls only!!) 2016-11-29
Girls, did you ever get a funny, weird or embarrassing treatment by another girl or woman, sit do...
Ladies - Pantsing Guys Wearing Panties 2016-11-29
Ladies - Have you ever gotten a guy to wear panties and then pantsed/exposed him?
Crossing swords 2016-11-29
When you were 2-8 years old, or even older, did you ever cross swords with your pee? Either in t...
Taking off your shirt (for guys only) 2016-11-24
Taking off your shirt (for guys only)
Shows & performances at the mirror :-)) (girls/women only!!) 2016-11-23
Girls, women, did you ever play your own show alone at the mirror, singing, dancing or making a w...
Cleaning & washing muddy clothes :-)) (adult women only!!) 2016-11-23
Women, how many times since you are a mother, have you been forced to clean and wash clothes full...
Telling your embarrassing bloopers :-)) (girls only!!) 2016-11-23
Girls, how many times did you tell an embarrassing prank or accident happened to you few days bef...
the sleep over 2016-11-23
You are a pre teen You are sleeping over at a friends house who has a sibling of the opposite se...
Clothing Optional Beach 2016-11-17
The aim of this poll is to discover what peoples' experiences were like during their first visit ...
Girls Drinking Coffee is HOT! 2016-11-17
I have a HUGE turn on for girls drinking coffee!! If you are a cute girl who thinks drinking coff...
Irish vs English girl catfight 2016-11-17
What do you think? Who would win a girlfight/catfight, the Irish or the English girl? The Ir...
Your Pet Girl 2016-11-08
(for dominant people) Would you make me your pet?
Punishing My Big Sister 2016-11-05
I'm a 14 year old guy with a 17 year old sister named Gemma. Gemma is a real bitch, always being ...
Guys and medical exams 2016-11-05
I want to know how old you were at your last physical and what occurred.
Spanking At Sleepover 2016-11-05
I am writing this on a sore bottom :( my parents allowed me go to a sleepover and we was having f...
clothing optional beach 2016-10-31
have you been to a nude beach
Girls Only: A Hard Shaft - Fast Climax - Sensitive Problems Help 2016-10-30
Poll asking questions about helping with sensitive problems.
Heather's New Rules 2016-10-28
Hey everybody! Heather here again. I have a new poll about what different people are allowed to d...
Help self spanking 2016-10-28
So I've nobody to spank me so I'm going to have to do it myself however I feel you guys should de...
Women: How did you get your man to wear panties? 2016-10-28
For women who have gotten your man to wear panties how did you do it?