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Behind Closed Doors


Sons who are bathed by their mothers 2003-05-20
This is a poll to get an idea of the age which boys are still given baths by their mothers. Judgi...
FARTS R US 2003-05-20
A comparative study of farting.
Being The Modern Male (shaving) 2003-05-19
How do you keep up with the male trends of trimming and shaving?
Girls who get tickled by their boyfriends/husbands/fiancees 2003-05-19
This is for girls who get tickled by the special guy in their lives.
Girls who like to tickle their boyfriends/husbands/fiancees 2003-05-19
This is for girls who like to tickle the special guy in their lives.
Girls who get tickled by boyfriends/husbands/fiancees II 2003-05-19
A few more questions to add to the original
Love bein tickled!!! 2003-05-14
This poll will tell me how much you love bein tickled
How often did/do you wear shoes (males) 2003-05-14
Shoe wearing habits differ greatly by age, sex and culture. I would like to know what the shoe we...
Kissing-what do you like? 2003-05-14
Kissing styles
Jocks 2003-05-14
bOys and jocks
Pads, Tampons, and Your Time Of The Month 2003-05-14
Barring some of the more unusual options (like menstrual cups), most women use either pads or tam...
Being shy/uncomfortable about nudity 2003-05-14
For people that are shy/uncomfortable getting naked, where, how, and why?
womens lockerroom 2003-05-14
This pool tells a guy what we all wanna know. What actually goes on in a girls lockerroom
Ticklish tummies 2003-05-14
all the Girls out there in the world with very ticklish tummies(You know who you are)
Pool Change Rooms 2003-05-14
I am the father of a 7-year-old daughter and a 5-year-old son. My wife and I both work shift work...
Embarrassing things that happened when we were boys 2003-05-14
When I was growing up as a boy, I did a lot of embarrassing things, and my mom did some things wh...
Taking showers.... 2003-05-13
For guys only please!-How many showers are too many?
Clothes that boys (-16) prefer to wear 2003-05-13
This poll is only for boys up to 16 years...
do you like the US army? 2003-05-13
im just wondering how many people wear army clothing
When You Get Home From School 2003-05-13
Guys Only. Hey guys, this is some questions regarding Monday-Friday right after school.
Wipeing your butt 2003-05-13
How many of you all look at the toilet paper after wipeing your butt?
Who pees more, males or females? 2003-05-13
This poll is to determine who has to go to the bathroom more often, males or females. This poll ...
Guys-How do you pee when standing? 2003-05-08
Finding the most common way of how a guy proceeds to urinate when standing.
girls peeing 2003-05-07
Hi girls, first of all, this poll is for you only. Guys, stay out. It's a poll to find out how or...
Going to the Bathroom (Stuff we don't like talking about) 2003-05-07
So... what is normal, eh?