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Behind Closed Doors


Outdoor Activities in Bikini (Ladies only) 2002-12-16
This poll seeks to find out the extent to which women do things outdoors in their bikinis
Shirts 2002-12-16
Throughout my life, my mother has been against the thought of me baring my chest. She always yel...
Toilet Accidents at School 2002-12-16
Can you remember ever having a Toilet Accident whilst at School ?
If Toilets hadn't been invented, what would you do ? 2002-12-16
This is a thought provoking little teaser for you to ponder on - 'What would you do if Toilets ha...
Your Sister (males only) 2002-12-16
This is to find out if any men out there have had a similar relationship with their sisters.
Women In Your Family 2002-12-15
who have you ever seen any women in your family naked
toilet stuff 2002-12-15
if ur a girl or a guy, plz answer the questions abt ur liking of a way, or difficulties
Babysitters and modesty 2002-12-15
My girlfriend babysits a 12 year old boy and gives him baths. I think he's too old and she shoul...
Girls and Women - What do you usually wear in bed 2002-12-13
What do girls think of boys 2002-12-13
how do girls treat boys and what do they think about boys when embarrassing stuff happen to them....
Do Platform Shoes/Heels Suck? 2002-12-13
This is a poll to determine whether or not platform shoes/heels are attractive or if they are one...
teens and belly buttons 2002-12-12
This poll is for teen(Girls)only! No guys sorry but your welcome to view the poll or talk about m...
Sheer Blouses 2002-12-12
What do you wear under sheer blouses
Boxers on women: Good or not? 2002-12-12
This poll seeks to determine guys and girls feelings on women wearing boxer shorts for underwear
Fun times with Tickling 2002-12-11
my polls about tickling and(Only) that so if you find tickling weird or odd please DO NOT TAKE MY...
Girls: How old were you when you first saw a penis? 2002-12-09
Hello. I can remember when I was 9 and saw my first penis. I am curious as to how old you(girls o...
Physical Development (Girls) 2002-12-03
I'm curious...
Mature long fingernails 2002-12-03
Do mature women with long fingernails...ever arouse / excite young and or mature men?
Men and shirtlessness 2002-12-03
How comfortable are men about going shirtless?
Does everyone have some GAY in them: PART 2 2002-12-03
I am quite astonished at the findings of our first poll. Though these polls are not scientificall...
Hotter: Blondes or Brunettes? 2002-12-03
The ultimate question! Are blondes hotter than brunettes?
Puberty 2002-12-03
There is much confusion about with what puberty starts. Is it ejaculating sperm or pubic hair?
Drinking when you are young 2002-12-03
I am a 15 year old guy who is just wondering how many people drink or drank underage
Brazilian waxing - pubic hair removal 2002-12-03
Survey of bikini line hair removal techniques & trends. Answer if you are a woman only, men ...
Diapers on a trip 2002-12-03
When I was 6 years old, we had to drive across country for a relatives funeral. Since we had a li...