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Behind Closed Doors


Corner time for teens 2003-02-22
I am 16 years old and still get corner time at home. Do any other teens still get corner time?
Do You Spy on Family Members? 2003-02-21
Do you spy on family when they are naked?
Have under 16 year old girls ever played tickling games 2003-02-19
This poll is to find out whether girls under 16 have ever played games that involve tickling
playing doctor 2003-02-19
Here are some questions about your experiences of doctor games
Female behavour to a male (women only plz) 2003-02-19
I would just like to understant ladies behavour to men they are not involved with. So, there are ...
Working Out 2003-02-19
What you wear when you work out
Getting Depantsed 2003-02-19
This is a poll about Depantsing
Skinny dipping 2003-02-19
Where have u skinny dipped
Guys and girls bathing suits 2003-02-16
Just wondering if any guys would wear a women's bathing suit if it was acceptable to. Please post...
People who hate feet 2003-02-15
This poll is for the people who hate bare feet. I want to know why; and make sure you post a mess...
Childbirth in the 21st Century: Patient-Centered? 2003-02-15
In recent years, there has been much talk about making the birthing process more patient friendly...
Tied up 2003-02-15
I'm just curious on people and being tied up. If you have any comments, post a message. You can a...
The REALLY good stuff 2003-02-15
The good stuff is good and all but now, its time for, the REALLY good stuff!!!
Marajuana useage 2003-02-15
i am doing a prodject for school, and i would like to ask some questions so please enjoy my survey.
Esoteric Enemas 2003-02-15
In an earlier survey ("Enemas and You," http://misterpoll.com/3655234682.html), nearly ...
Ever played "Master/slave" with your siblings? 2003-02-15
Did you ever play Master/slave games with your siblings? If so, what were the basic details?
Purity Test 2003-02-15
aka Dr. Seuss Purity Test
Do You Suffer from Constipation? 2003-02-14
This poll is primarily for members of The Constipation Forum (http://www.voy.com/133622/), but ot...
Guys only: Have you ever gone swimming fully clothed? 2003-02-14
Guys: Have you gone swimming with all of your clothes on? How did you like doing it?
Guy Information 2003-02-14
Just wanting to know how girls and other guys feel about some issues.
Do real men shave their legs and body hair? 2003-02-14
I'm a 32 year old married male who shaves my legs (and from head to toe). I workout, but I'm not ...
Have you gone streaking or skinny dipping 2003-02-09
Come on, we ALL want to know!
Is wife's semi-nudity inappropriate. 2003-02-09
When staying overnight with other family members during the holidays, husband feels wife should b...
Showering with your sister 2003-02-09
Have you ever taken a shower with your sister?
Males being totally naked for physicals. 2003-02-09
This is a poll for boys/men who had to undress completely when having a physical.