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Behind Closed Doors


barefoot kids 2003-04-11
KIDS do you like going barefoot?
How long is your skirt 2003-04-11
Hi girls, this is for you and your skirt.
Footlets instead of shoes 2003-04-09
Most of people feel themselves more comfortable without shoes at home, friend's house, jym, etc. ...
Your Preference (girls only) 2003-04-09
What girls want
Jeans, underwear, and belts on men 2003-04-09
In what combination do you wear them?
Hot Tub Users Please 2003-04-09
If you own or use a hot tub on a regular basis, I'd like to know a little about your experiences,...
Raising sons - OK for boys to go shirtless? 2003-04-09
You can help settle an ongoing argument between my wife and I. Our two sons, ages 10 and 14 (and...
barefoot to college/school/uni 2003-04-09
how common is barefooting at your school/college/universtity
upskirts 2003-04-09
What do you do if you catch someone looking up your skirt?
Oops, I saw her... 2003-04-08
As the weather warms and we wear skimpier clothes, we may accidentally show off, or see, more tha...
Physical Exam 2003-04-08
Whenever exams are dicsussed it is mostly about what you where wearing, and if you got the "...
Men's swimwear and Speedos 2003-04-08
This poll is for guys about guys’ swimwear, especially Speedos (to mean brief or bikini style), ...
Guys World of Freedom to Shave 2003-04-08
This is my second poll about guys shaving bodies. I love to shave my body. I shave Chest, abs, le...
My Countdown To Legality 2003-04-08
Hi<br>My name is Emma and I come from a very open family where nudity has never been any sh...
Incontinence 2003-04-08
You are not the only one....Like me
Men Wearing Sandals 2003-04-08
Should men wear sandals? Do you cringe at the sight of a man wearing socks with his sandals?
Drunken Behaviour 2003-04-07
What have you got up to when you've had just a little too much to drink!?
Woman in shirt and tie 2003-04-07
Hello: I like to see ladies dressed in shirts or shirt blouses with ties. If You are one of ...
Girls and Depantsing 2003-04-07
Depantsing has always been common among boys, but in recent years, more and more girls are involv...
Men Only: Have Girls/Women Seen You Nude? 2003-04-07
Men: Have you been seen nude by girls and women? This is a revised version of an earlier poll; ...
Male Parents naked 2003-04-07
This is about seeing male parent of your friends naked
Women Only: Have Boys or Men Seen you Nude? 2003-04-07
Women: Have any boys or men seen you totally nude? This is a revised version of an earlier poll...
Drug Facilitated Rape Poll 2003-04-04
Incidences of Drug Facilitated Rape
Guys, first time you tickled a female's bare feet 2003-04-04
Guys when was the first time you tickled a female's bare feet and what was it like?
Do you have a Phat booty (female only) 2003-04-04
How big is your butt in your opinion. What are your likes, dislikes about it and other burning qu...