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Behind Closed Doors


Drug Facilitated Rape Poll 2003-04-04
Incidences of Drug Facilitated Rape
Guys, first time you tickled a female's bare feet 2003-04-04
Guys when was the first time you tickled a female's bare feet and what was it like?
Do you have a Phat booty (female only) 2003-04-04
How big is your butt in your opinion. What are your likes, dislikes about it and other burning qu...
Locker Room Poll MEN!! 2003-04-02
I am interested to hear about what you do in the Locker Room.
butt squezzing 2003-04-01
have you ever squezeed another males butt or wanted to?
incest yes or no 2003-03-31
please be honest and open
Best Length of Guys Shorts 2003-03-28
Guys shorts are available in many lengths now, including the newly-fashionable longer lengths. W...
Females that wear ankle high socks 2003-03-28
A lot of young ladies like the barefoot look when wearing trainers (sneakers) by wearing ankle hi...
Family Spying 2003-03-25
Please be honest. Watching other family members without them knowing....Here we go...
Tie-up Games (Girls Only) 2003-03-25
My boyfriend cannot tie me up enough. Whenever we get a chance he loves a bit of bedroom tie up. ...
For Guys and Girls/ Gynecomastia 2003-03-25
This poll is for guys and girls. Guys I would like to know if you have gynecomastia (males with b...
SISSIES (For Girls only please) 2003-03-25
Girls what do you think about sissy boys. You know, the kind that like to wear pretty dress's, fr...
Sleeping position 2003-03-25
This poll is for those who has already slept by their partner.
Do you wear socks while having sex? 2003-03-25
I'm curious if people wear sock when they have sex
female-female contact and feelings 2003-03-25
this survey is to assess the ways that females feel about one another
Have you been kicked in the balls 2003-03-25
This poll is for normal boys
females wrestling males (females only) 2003-03-22
This is a poll to find out about females wrestling males. (females only)
Toilets- Relieving Yourself 2003-03-20
My school toilets are the most disgusting things that ever lived. I would like to hear about oth...
Females / Girls who like wrestling 2003-03-19
Hi :) This is a poll for girls who like to wrestle. I like to wrestle also and I would just lik...
Analysis 2003-03-19
On a scale of 1 to 5 please rate how frequently you engage in the following behaviors.
Teens Bras 2003-03-19
I am 14 and I was wondering how my bra size compared to other girls my age.
Tie me down!! A Poll for Women 2003-03-18
This is for people who have been tied down to a chair and/ or bed.
How Far Will You Go? 2003-03-18
How far will you go to keep a romantic relationship with someone you care for.
Have you ever touched poo 2003-03-18
have you ever touched poop
Short skirts 2003-03-18
Female only - what is the shortest skirt you will wear?