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Behind Closed Doors


Kids and Modesty 2002-09-17
A poll to find out kids' attitudes toward physical modesty
long nails, real or fake 2002-09-16
I'm curious about this.
Men's low rise jeans 2002-09-16
What do men think of the new lower cut jeans and what do they where underneath?
Who likes porn, adult web sites? 2002-09-16
PORNO TALK. Please help. Gathering demographical info on who visits adult web sites, what type an...
When you and your friends talk about sex and bring it out don't you feel more comfortable and don...
Nail Polish on Guys 2002-09-16
what do you think about nail polish on guys and guys wanting their nails painted
Boys With Piercings 2002-09-16
This poll is for boys and parents of boys. If you are not one of these, go no further, it has not...
Thongs on guys: Qeustion for girls. 2002-09-16
This question is for girls of all ages only.
Guys and lowrise jeans 2002-09-16
This is for you women,young ladies and teen girls only.
Tights, Stockings or Hold-ups? 2002-09-10
What type of hosiery do you wear? A survey to establish some trends and facts re hosiery.
love peeing pants 2002-09-10
if you love peeing your pants take this poll
STIFFY 2002-09-10
This is for guys only.
Fingernails, men and women. 2002-09-09
Women often look good with long, beautiful fingernails don't they? Well, what do you think of lon...
Teen Survey 2002-09-04
This is a poll designed to find about teen attitudes about themselves and others.
Shoes and barefeet 2002-09-04
How do you experience shoes and using them barefeet
Guy's wedgies/wedgie picking 2002-09-04
To find out what kind of underwear causes the most wedgies for guys and do they pick them out.
Strip search 2002-09-04
It was the second day of my 10 grade year.I was a trouble maker but should I still have been stri...
Guys if could be a woman for 1 day would you switch 2002-09-04
If you could be a girl for only 1 day would u do it?
Bedwetting : Did you do it? 2002-09-04
When I was little, bedwetting was a big problem for me. My parents tried everything to try to k...
Sexual Beginnings 2002-09-04
How experienced are you? When did your sexual life begin?
Opinions On Nudity: Women Only 2002-08-26
Hi, please have fun.
Blowing Your Nose 2002-08-26
I am interested in people's nose blowing habits
Been told to wet your pants 2002-08-26
If you ever has been told to go in your pants,go ahead!
Nudity at Home Poll: Women Only 2002-08-26
This poll is for women only for accurate results
Shaving Cream 2002-08-26
Why and where do you use your shaving cream