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Behind Closed Doors


Told off for wearing shoes 2002-11-15
If you've ever been told off for wearing shoes and made to remove them, this poll is for you!
He Covered My Mouth... (Females Only) 2002-11-15
I am all the time seeing pretty women having a hand placed over their mouth for whatever reason. ...
Have You Ever Wet Your Pants As An Adult? 2002-11-15
Having an accident as an adult -- namely, wetting your pants, is probably one of life's ultimate ...
A Pole For Girls 2002-11-15
This pole is for girls about what they think about themselves and guys. These results will ...
stealing 2002-11-15
i am in a journalism class and therefore i am asking you to fill out if you have EVER stolen anyt...
What do YOU think? 2002-11-15
Please take a minute to answer this poll.
Nail Polish on Guys II 2002-11-15
What do you think about guys with nail polish?
Shake your Booty, Girls 2002-11-15
This poll is for young women. I want to know how much of your skin you are willing to show to th...
EYES EYES EYES 2002-11-14
Men's shorts- How short? 2002-11-14
Just want to find out if people assume a man is "gay" just because he wears short shorts.
Should straight guys wear leather jeans? 2002-11-14
Do you think that it's okay for guys to wear leather jeans? Keep in mind, I'm not talking fat, ha...
Where Do You Leave Your Boogies? 2002-11-06
i am curious and sick...
Toes Knows (Guys Only) 2002-11-06
I recently read an article on the internet that suggests there is a correlation between the relat...
de-pantsing your friend(s) 2002-11-06
my other poll was to "extreme" so I decided to do this pg-13 or maybe R rating inste...
ladies slippers 2002-11-06
This poll is to establish if women enjoy wearing slippers in the house and what type they like best
What women like there men to wear/do 2002-11-06
Im just wondering what women want there man to wear and do.
Slapped legs 2002-11-06
Were your legs ever slapped as punishment
Topless vs. Bottomless vs. Naked 2002-11-06
It seems to me that what a girl is allowed to take off varies widely on where you are and who you...
truth or dare 2002-11-06
guys 10-18 have you ever played truth or dare with your best freind and had involve nudity
... 2002-11-04
Some different questions...
Sports Gear/ Underwear 2002-10-29
What stuff do U wear while playin sports?
What is the average life span of a high heel pump/court? 2002-10-29
<BR> This includes classic pumps, sling back pumps, ankle strap pumps, T-strap pumps, and ...
fun? what fun 2002-10-29
what are your ways of having EVIL fun?
Adult Peeing Accidents and/or Bedwetting 2002-10-28
Have you had a pee your pants accident or pee the bed accident as an adult & how do you cope ...
Armpit Hair (Females Only) 2002-10-28
Ladies, what would it take to get you to grow out your armpit hair and never remove it again?