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Behind Closed Doors


Does everyone have some GAY in them: PART 2 2002-12-03
I am quite astonished at the findings of our first poll. Though these polls are not scientificall...
Hotter: Blondes or Brunettes? 2002-12-03
The ultimate question! Are blondes hotter than brunettes?
Puberty 2002-12-03
There is much confusion about with what puberty starts. Is it ejaculating sperm or pubic hair?
Drinking when you are young 2002-12-03
I am a 15 year old guy who is just wondering how many people drink or drank underage
Brazilian waxing - pubic hair removal 2002-12-03
Survey of bikini line hair removal techniques & trends. Answer if you are a woman only, men ...
Diapers on a trip 2002-12-03
When I was 6 years old, we had to drive across country for a relatives funeral. Since we had a li...
looking in the locker room for males and females 2002-12-03
ever look at the same sex in the locker room? Tell me about it
Have you ever drank pee? 2002-12-03
I havem but it was an accident.
To shave or not to shave? 2002-12-03
I am wondering what peoples thoughts are on male/female shaving.
To wear or not to wear ... (Girls) 2002-12-01
According to surveys, 1 in 5 girls no longer wears panties. Let's find out more...
Bikini coverage 2002-11-30
I want to know what ladies think about how much of the buttocks a bikini SHOULD cover, and how mu...
Guys looking at guys 2002-11-27
I made this poll to support my idea that even though a man can be straight, he can have interests...
In the Shower 2002-11-23
questions on showering in public and your feelings about it. (IE Health club, School, Etc.) I 'v...
Female strippers only 2002-11-22
A friend of mine recently visited a strip club. He is 5'11" tall and weighs 190 lbs. He ...
Men Sharing the same Bed 2002-11-22
Please answer these few questions about men/boys sharing the same bed.
Does Everyone have some GAY in them? (men only) 2002-11-22
Hello, I am doing a little sex-related research regarding homosexuality and it's true nature. As ...
FEET!! 2002-11-22
This is all about doing dares with your feet or just plainly put foot fetish!
Me Getting Wet 2002-11-22
Im a 19 year old male and love getting wet wearing all different things in many different places!
Have you ever been mess with 2002-11-22
This is for girls on this group. Have you ever had someone touch you with you did not want them t...
Spying on people bathing (version 2) 2002-11-21
This poll is about your experiences of watching other people in the shower / tub without them kno...
makeup on guys 2002-11-20
should guys wear makeup?
Nudity with siblings 2002-11-20
This is a poll that has to do with nudity and siblings that are around your age please answer hon...
Where Do Girls Pee 2002-11-17
Where do you girls pee when you are out and could not find/don't bother to look for a toilet. Hop...
Pants off or on at home? 2002-11-15
When I was a child, all kids had to take of the pants when we were indoors. Usually this meant th...
Girls that have beaten boys in a bet!! 2002-11-15
What was the bet and what did he have to do?