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Behind Closed Doors


Ladies In the gym changing room 2003-07-16
The purpose of yhis poll is to find out ladies habits when changing and showering after gym
Women's Armpits (guys only) 2003-07-16
I am curious as to how guys feel about women's armpits.
Men Wearing Bras 2003-07-16
It seems that there is a number of men who like to wear bras. Should they? Do you? Why? (Please a...
For teen Moms 2003-07-16
This poll is for teen moms if you arn't a teen mom please don't fill it out.
Women's Armpits (girls only) 2003-07-16
Women why do you do what you do with your armpits?
Married Couples Poll (Wives Only) 2003-07-16
I am doing some research and want to see what the polls say, So PLEASE Wives only, I want to try ...
Tickled by friends 2003-07-16
Have you ever been tickled by a friend/friends before? If so, then please fill out the poll below.
sharing hotel rooms 2003-07-16
have you ever shared a hotel room with your friends?
Strong Girls (girls only please) 2003-07-16
PLEASE tell the truth about this poll
Sneek'n a peek (guys only) 2003-07-16
Hey, for all of you guys who use the urinals, this is for you.....
Wetting yourself or bed 2003-07-16
Hi, I'm Colby and Jamie's cousin Shannon. I wet my bed and sometimes my pants too. If anyone wan...
Communal Showering 2003-07-15
18- males please.
Tickled by siblings 2003-07-15
Have you ever been tickled by your siblings
Thoughts on BIKINIS 2003-07-13
What do girls and guys think about girls wearing bikinis
How's it hangin'? 2003-07-08
Just wondering about a simple question
please take this!!! 2003-07-08
i want to know
Tie-Up Games (boys only) 2003-07-08
As a boy (age 10-20) do you/did you ever play tie-up games with other boys?
The Little Things 2003-07-08
Just a banch of minor questions which can make the big picture about the secret thoughts of people.
Good Weight For A Girl (guys only) 2003-07-08
More young people wearing glasses. 2003-07-08
I have noticed that more and more young people (Under the age of 4) are wearing glasses. I had be...
Women Where Do You Shave And Pluck Your Hair? 2003-07-08
Guys: How do you feel about your body? 2003-07-08
To see what men think about their bodies.
What Body Piercing On Women Looks The Worst/best? 2003-07-08
TIcklish Feet 2003-07-08
I have ticklish feet (BIG TIME!) I created this poll for people, who have ticklish feet.
What is your favorite color Bra? 2003-07-08
What is your favorite color of Bra?