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Behind Closed Doors


Spying On People Undressing 2003-02-27
Just wondering how many of you have ever secretly watched someone undressing or in a state of und...
What girls think is sexy [girls only] 2003-02-27
This is to see what girls think is sexy. Please, only girls TAKE the poll.
Nail art,designs etc... 2003-02-27
Do you like fingernails with art,designs etc....
Siblings 2003-02-27
Enjoy the poll
Getting Dirty Soles At Work 2003-02-27
Hey All! My name is Tanya. I'm a afterschool program director here in Chicago and I was thinki...
Are You Interested in Enemas? 2003-02-27
Enemas seem to be a popular topic. This survey is designed to learn more about people's interest...
Pubic Hair Shaved or Hairless 2003-02-27
For Girls who shave, wax or are naturally hairless.
When did your pubes grow 2003-02-26
At what age did your pubes grow?
For ladies: being spied on while showering / changing... 2003-02-25
For the ladies out there only: This poll is about being spied on while you were showering or chan...
Teachers with long fingernails 2003-02-22
Female teachers with long fingernails....a good thing ?
Corner time for teens 2003-02-22
I am 16 years old and still get corner time at home. Do any other teens still get corner time?
Do You Spy on Family Members? 2003-02-21
Do you spy on family when they are naked?
Have under 16 year old girls ever played tickling games 2003-02-19
This poll is to find out whether girls under 16 have ever played games that involve tickling
playing doctor 2003-02-19
Here are some questions about your experiences of doctor games
Female behavour to a male (women only plz) 2003-02-19
I would just like to understant ladies behavour to men they are not involved with. So, there are ...
Working Out 2003-02-19
What you wear when you work out
Getting Depantsed 2003-02-19
This is a poll about Depantsing
Skinny dipping 2003-02-19
Where have u skinny dipped
Guys and girls bathing suits 2003-02-16
Just wondering if any guys would wear a women's bathing suit if it was acceptable to. Please post...
People who hate feet 2003-02-15
This poll is for the people who hate bare feet. I want to know why; and make sure you post a mess...
Childbirth in the 21st Century: Patient-Centered? 2003-02-15
In recent years, there has been much talk about making the birthing process more patient friendly...
Tied up 2003-02-15
I'm just curious on people and being tied up. If you have any comments, post a message. You can a...
The REALLY good stuff 2003-02-15
The good stuff is good and all but now, its time for, the REALLY good stuff!!!
Marajuana useage 2003-02-15
i am doing a prodject for school, and i would like to ask some questions so please enjoy my survey.
Esoteric Enemas 2003-02-15
In an earlier survey ("Enemas and You," http://misterpoll.com/3655234682.html), nearly ...