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Behind Closed Doors


Feminism 2003-02-07
This is a poll for females about feminism
men dressed in drag (for men) 2003-02-04
How do you fell about being dressed in drag please post some of your experience on the mesage board
what do u find sexxy on a man(ladies) 2003-01-31
Hi i am jesse i am 16,6'0, green eyes, brown hair, six pack. I am in alot of sports so i have a b...
Accidents happen! 2003-01-31
Following on from the underwear habits poll, do any of you guys accidently or not soil your undies
Underwear habits 2003-01-31
Often a big bone of contention in relationships, what underwear do you like wearing and what do y...
Pubic Hair, do you shave????? 2003-01-30
I know some Guys and girls that like to shave off their pubic hair, do you??
Any embarrasing streaking stories? 2003-01-30
Aww come on.. you havta share!
What boys wear at home 2003-01-28
In my home, my mom has a double standards - my sisters are allowed to wear whatever they want, bu...
Cycle Shorts - are they sexy? 2003-01-27
So guy's, are cycling shorts really so seductive?
A general survey for Women 2003-01-27
This is a general survey to access the physical characterics of the Women
Hi! Please take some moments of your time to fill this interesting poll about LINGERIE poll for w...
injections (shots) in the butt -- males only 2003-01-27
what your experience was like
Older Brother(guys) 2003-01-24
Ahh the pains of being an older brother, your parents are too lax, they were much harder on you, ...
all about girls(guys only) 2003-01-22
what do you really like about girls? what do you relly know?
Kids and Bath Time 2003-01-22
Wondering how many kids these days still take their baths together, if any. Growing up kids took...
Girls and boys barefoot at home 2003-01-22
I'm interested to see how normal it is to have bare feet at home these days and whether there is ...
Female wrestling power 2003-01-21
Women taking the upper hand on men!
Should men wear skirts, pantyhose, or heels if he wants to? 2003-01-17
I'm just trying to get some opinions on the topic.
Sleepover pranks 2003-01-17
this is a poll to find out what happens to people who pass out at parties and sleepovers. Please...
Physical Exam Modesty 2003-01-17
I'm 15 and recently had a complete physical.My mom was in the room for the exam.My friend thinks ...
How important is being thin? 2003-01-17
Is starving youreself worth it?
Most embarrasing moment 2003-01-15
A brief look into the funny moments in all our lives...
Personal Questions For Females 2003-01-14
Girls only please. Guys welcome to view.
What kind of jeans do you wear.(Boys age 12 and under) 2003-01-14
I see all kinds of boys who wear different jeans and like different jeans. I want know what you w...
Wedgies 2003-01-14
This is a poll to see what other people do when they wedgie one another, and just wedgies in gene...