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Behind Closed Doors


Would You Ever Date A Girl Who...(guys only) 2003-06-25
Would you ever date a girl who....
Girls and your butt (girls only) 2003-06-25
Bedwetting blues 2003-06-25
Ive allways wet my bed and I know I'am not a lone with my problem.Is it your problem to, and how ...
Sex drive and Physical activity 2003-06-25
I just moved and today was my first day back at the gym after almost three weeks of now physical ...
Guys in Girls clothing 2003-06-25
guys wearin chick clothing? Answer these:
All pantyhose here 2003-06-25
what i need to know bout u and pantyhose
Nudity with friends 2003-06-25
How comfortable are people with being nude around friends?
Guy's and Their Bellybuttons 2003-06-19
More and more guys are hiking up their shirts and showing off that sweet spot in the middle. So....
What do you wear to bed? 2003-06-18
I'm just wondering what people sleep in because I'm a strange strange person.
Just a couple naughty questions guys 2003-06-18
Just a couple questions on your preferance on how you like the female "area"
Bras, bra shots, and the internet 2003-06-18
A poll to see how women think about exposing their bra to people, and how comfortable they feel a...
Teenage girls feet 2003-06-15
I am a teenager and i admit it i like teenage girls feet
Jeans Preferences for Guys 2003-06-15
This poll is designed to gain certain information about guys and their jeans, from their perspect...
Circumcision: Guys And Girls 2003-06-15
male circumcision
Shirtless is it right 2003-06-15
Do you think it is right for men to go shirtless
Share your Shirt? 2003-06-15
Ever given your shirt to a friend, for a while, forever, even at the expense of going shirtless w...
Male Physical Exams - Someone Else Watching 2003-06-15
Over the years I have had several "guests" present for physical exams. As a very, ve...
Gay Poll 2003-06-15
This is intended for straight peopld but anyone is welcome to take it!
Snow in Pants 2003-06-15
Hi, this poll is for any one who has ever had snow put down/in your pants, or if you have ever pu...
The Pee Poll 2003-06-10
Humour me here, okay?
men dressed in drag for girls 2003-06-10
how do you fill tell me on the message board
Bras and public view/discussion 2003-06-10
Poll to see how people feel about seeing/talking about bras.
Circumcision and that stuff 2003-06-10
My Butt! (a guy's only poll) 2003-06-10
Hey, guys! Most guys (it seems) are extremely concerned about the size & shape of their "...
Sitting Pretty 2003-06-10
Hi, girls! I made this poll because I love hearing about when females have sat on others. The pol...