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Behind Closed Doors


please take this!!! 2003-07-08
i want to know
Tie-Up Games (boys only) 2003-07-08
As a boy (age 10-20) do you/did you ever play tie-up games with other boys?
The Little Things 2003-07-08
Just a banch of minor questions which can make the big picture about the secret thoughts of people.
Good Weight For A Girl (guys only) 2003-07-08
More young people wearing glasses. 2003-07-08
I have noticed that more and more young people (Under the age of 4) are wearing glasses. I had be...
Women Where Do You Shave And Pluck Your Hair? 2003-07-08
Guys: How do you feel about your body? 2003-07-08
To see what men think about their bodies.
What Body Piercing On Women Looks The Worst/best? 2003-07-08
TIcklish Feet 2003-07-08
I have ticklish feet (BIG TIME!) I created this poll for people, who have ticklish feet.
What is your favorite color Bra? 2003-07-08
What is your favorite color of Bra?
Do Parents Still Make Their kids stand in the corner? 2003-07-08
I understand, that parents still make their kids stand in the corner as a punishment. I remember ...
Embarrassing Accidents (wetting or otherwise) 2003-07-08
This is a poll about times you had accidents in your pants. It could be wetting or pooping. I w...
Toothpaste 2003-07-08
A new poll!
NO SHOES in the LIBRARY 2003-07-02
Some people enjoy removing their shoes when in the library. What about you?
Should males wear skirts too? 2003-07-02
I'm a guy and I'm definately not gay or anything nor am I weird really but the point of this pol...
How often do you bathe? 2003-07-02
Bathing is a thing people do. They say it keeps them clean. What do you think?
Teen guys going barefoot 2003-06-30
A poll to see how teen guys feel about going barefoot
When should you expect to be nude? 2003-06-30
We've asked many times in these polls whether you have or have not been nude . . . but when shoul...
How often should married people have sex? 2003-06-30
Yes, they know each other, but how often should they have sex (with each other :o)) to maintain y...
Are Bedrooms/Baths Designed for Sex? 2003-06-30
Are our bedrooms and bathrooms designed for sex? Or, are they really just for the utilitarian fu...
female desperation 2003-06-30
It seems that i have to pee every time, so i got always in desperate situation that sometimes end...
General Interest 2003-06-30
I would like to get a rough idea of how many men and women think about spanking as a turn on.
More People Not Wearing Socks in their shoes 2003-06-30
I realize that more people do not like wearing socks in their shoes I am one of them. I had been ...
Going Barefoot at Friend's Home 2003-06-30
WHen I visit a friend's home. I take off my shoes and go barefoot It is comfy to go barefoot at a...
Guys..."Gotcha!" 2003-06-29
We think we're alone. And just when we have some sort of "private moment" we realize w...