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Behind Closed Doors


GUYS ONLY Going shirtless 2003-01-03
Do you like going shirtless?
Jockstrap necessity 2003-01-03
I don't generally wear a jockstrap when working out, even when running or playing basketball beca...
Being naked in public (guys only) 2003-01-03
How do you feel when and If your in public naked?
women: male thongs? 2003-01-03
This poll attempts to find out what women think about male thongs
Gay teenagers 2003-01-03
Hey, I'm 16 and have been battling with the fact that I'm gay for several years. I've come to ac...
For People That Have Seen Their Mom Naked. 2003-01-03
For guys and gals. I bet this happens alot. It did to me.
ARE MOST GUYS CUT OR UNCUT?????? 2003-01-02
Are u Cut or Uncut?
FOR GUYS 14-16 !! How do u keep ur body 2003-01-02
Tell the gurls how u keep ur body- do u do sports? do u work out?
condoms 2003-01-02
A poll for guys-useage and preferences
Tickling Experiences 2003-01-02
Has anyone ever had a tickling experience that you could never forget?
Girls Bodily Development 2003-01-02
Girls only- When did you start to physically develop?
What do cheerleaders wear under their uniforms? 2003-01-02
Lady cheerleaders only please - What do you wear underneath?
Rings on fingers 2002-12-29
Which is the finger most people wear rings on.
Female Massage Therapists and Male Clients 2002-12-27
This is a poll for female massage therapists (FMTs) and male clients of female massage therapists.
Guys clothing poll(BOTH sexes welcome) 2002-12-27
I was just wondering what guys would wear if it was accepted and that nobody would care and what ...
Another random poll. 2002-12-24
Uhm....don't ask? Just...do it!
the man you are 2002-12-24
your manhood
Have you been tied up? 2002-12-24
if you have been tied up take this poll
What shape and style ? 2002-12-24
What's your favorite fingernail, shape and style?
Men what do you want from your lady 2002-12-24
What do guys look for in ladies
Therapist 2002-12-24
This is a poll about nudity and therapists.
4 Gay BOYS 2002-12-20
Poll on what GaY BOIS LIKE
the best poll on every thing 2002-12-20
it is all of the other polls put together (am working on it everyday)
shoes on or off? 2002-12-20
Some of my friends (mostly girls) say pantyhose/stockings/socks with no shoes look more elegant t...
Ticklish And Proud Of It 2002-12-20
This poll is for girls who are ticklish and love being tickled.