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Behind Closed Doors


all about girls(guys only) 2003-01-22
what do you really like about girls? what do you relly know?
Kids and Bath Time 2003-01-22
Wondering how many kids these days still take their baths together, if any. Growing up kids took...
Girls and boys barefoot at home 2003-01-22
I'm interested to see how normal it is to have bare feet at home these days and whether there is ...
Female wrestling power 2003-01-21
Women taking the upper hand on men!
Should men wear skirts, pantyhose, or heels if he wants to? 2003-01-17
I'm just trying to get some opinions on the topic.
Sleepover pranks 2003-01-17
this is a poll to find out what happens to people who pass out at parties and sleepovers. Please...
Physical Exam Modesty 2003-01-17
I'm 15 and recently had a complete physical.My mom was in the room for the exam.My friend thinks ...
How important is being thin? 2003-01-17
Is starving youreself worth it?
Most embarrasing moment 2003-01-15
A brief look into the funny moments in all our lives...
Personal Questions For Females 2003-01-14
Girls only please. Guys welcome to view.
What kind of jeans do you wear.(Boys age 12 and under) 2003-01-14
I see all kinds of boys who wear different jeans and like different jeans. I want know what you w...
Wedgies 2003-01-14
This is a poll to see what other people do when they wedgie one another, and just wedgies in gene...
Underoos For Ladies 2003-01-14
I am a 22 year old girl, and I think that a lot of ladies would wear Underoos with cartoon/comic ...
Women making men do embarrasing things! 2003-01-14
Just wondering if this has happened
mixed wrestling survey 2003-01-13
women vs. men in wrestling and fighting
Condoms II 2003-01-13
Based on responses and comments to the Condoms poll reasons for guys not using condoms need to be...
Gas, gas, baby! 2003-01-13
Tell us about your bodily functions
The Body Image Poll 2003-01-13
What is your ideal body?
For Women/Girls Only 2003-01-13
This is only for women/girls.
Hand over mouths 2003-01-11
I was interested to see peoples views on this subject.
Men only. Do you sleep naked? 2003-01-03
I made this poll just because I wanted to know how many there is who sleeps naked.
Preferred Male Bikini Styling 2003-01-03
What is your style preference with a male bikini? (Assume for this poll that the male is in good ...
Poll for shy girls and women 2003-01-03
This is a poll for all you sweet, innocent, modest ladies out there. All you "girls next doo...
GUYS ONLY Going shirtless 2003-01-03
Do you like going shirtless?
Jockstrap necessity 2003-01-03
I don't generally wear a jockstrap when working out, even when running or playing basketball beca...