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Behind Closed Doors


masturbating in front of family 2015-05-04
Looking to see how many people are comfortable masturbating in front of their parents or siblings.
Married woman sexual experience 2015-05-04
This poll is strictly designed for married women to be able to express their opinion regarding th...
my punishment 2015-05-04
I have to be punished for not having cleaned the house for more than two weeks ago.
Pubes (for girls and young women) 2015-05-04
This poll is for girls and young women with pubic hair (or could grow pubes if they chose). Guys ...
Summer Fun and Shirtless (for teen and college age guys) 2015-05-04
Summer Fun and Shirtless (for teen and college age guys)
gunge session 2015-05-04
I will gunge myself soon. I want you to decide how I do it.
Celebrity Spanking 2015-05-04
Which male singers and actors do you want to spank? Which ones do you want to spank you?
boyfriend 2 (girls only) 2015-05-04
things you would do with your boyfriend
boyfriend (girls only) 2015-05-04
things you do with your boyfriend
Condom use 2015-05-04
Condom use
The Perfect Circumcision 2015-05-04
What is the perfect style of circumcision? A Poll for fans of the circumcised member. In each que...
Tickling Poll for guys only 2015-05-04
Tickling Poll for guys only
Girls wetting 2015-05-04
A poll for girls about wetting yourself.
two guy and one girl threesome - girls only poll 2015-05-04
Before you answer, please note the difference between the two types of one girl and two guy three...
Do the clothes you wear affect your behavior? (for males) 2015-05-04
This quiz tests whether boys' and men's behavior is altered by the clothes they are wearing. Ple...
Young Teen still in Diapers? 2015-05-04
I read an article recently saying that children are starting secondary school still wearing diape...
cyber-spank me 2015-05-04
I've been a naughty little girl
Girls Only Ever been part of a Girls Only Club or Gang 2015-05-04
In this age where girls are forming groups often to protect each other or to get revenge on peopl...
Whch would you find more embarrassing? 2015-05-04
Crapping your pants in front of a large group of people or standing naked in front of a large gro...
Lefties, righties, innies and outties 2015-04-19
Where do you stand in the world? <br><br>90% of us are said to share two traits: b...
Webcam Dare 2015-04-18
I lost a dare to a girl. Now I have to ask what I should do on webcam. I am a 23 y/o male from Ge...
Men: Control Me Hypnotically 2015-04-18 (closed)
Hypnosis fantasy: I have a hypnotic trigger phrase that, when men say it to me, makes me obey any...
Can Jason stay over? 2015-04-18
Most boys love sleepovers sometimes they are organized, like a slumber party, or when your parent...
Straight But Curious (poll for teen and college age guys) 2015-04-06
Straight But Curious (poll for teen and college age guys)
Upcoming mixed and f/f matches (based on created wrestler poll) 2015-04-06
The mixed wrestling league is based on characters input from another poll. The current status of...