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Behind Closed Doors


Copping a Feel of Your Friend's Mom 2015-06-01
Copping a Feel of Your Friend's Mom
darkest fantasy in bastinado/falaka feet torture 2015-06-01
Imagine: you get the chance to realize your darkest fantasy in foot torture. Who is the person,...
Have you ever done this barefoot? 2015-06-01
Have you ever done these activities in your bare feet that people normally do while wearing shoes?
Going barefoot for girlfriend 2015-06-01
Have you ever gone barefoot for your girlfriend?
A "What Would You Do For Your Boyfriend (Husband)?" Poll 2015-06-01
Adult in nature. Deals with nudity. Just take for fun. I've used the term boyfriend - but repl...
sleep over bath 2015-06-01
In the house there is a brother and sister and a friend is staying over . It is the family rules...
Is it a Turn On? (for teen and college age guys 13-25) 2015-06-01
Is it a Turn On? (for teen and college age guys 13-25)
JOCKSTRAP Poll for TEEN GUYS 2015-06-01
This is a poll about jockstraps for teen guys.
Girls Only: Helping Guys With A Hard-On 2015-06-01
Questions about helping me with a hard-on
Girls Only: Collecting Sperm 2015-06-01
Questions about how you would do it.
Full bladder scenarios (What would you do) 2015-06-01
In this poll, i will have paragraphs describing different bladder conflict events and you will te...
falaka / bastinado 2015-05-19
your friend ask you to help in the punishment of the daughter and offers you to spank her soft se...
Nudism 2015-05-19
Exploring the nudist side of you.
What would you do to a sexy bi boy 18 2015-05-11
Hi I'm a sexy 18 year old bi boy with strong slim tanned legs. I'm scared of the dark, spiders, ...
Back yard sleepover 2015-05-11
You are having a sleep over at your friends his in a dome tent in the back yard and other than th...
Child birth (Girls only) 2015-05-11
A poll about giving birth. This poll is for girls only. If you are a boy, please only answer th...
Need punishment 2015-05-11
I've been staying with a friend of the family for a couple of weeks because my mum had to go out ...
Spanking My Favorite Male Celebs 2015-05-11
Describe How you would spank each of these Celebrity Boys and Pairings! Include -Time Frame -...
Straight, Curious, and Other Guy Stuff (for guys 13-25) 2015-05-11
Straight, Curious, and Other Guy Stuff (for guys 13-25)
Family Enemas 2015-05-11 (closed)
This poll goes in detail of past and present use of enemas in families. It will cover whether ene...
Girls: Short Skirts 2015-05-11
Questions about your short skirts.
Girls and Bisexual Guys For Ladies Only 2015-05-11
How many girls would choose a bi guy over a straight guy?
Self punishment 2015-05-07
Help me decide some punishment for my self. I'm male aged 20
Girls peeing inside at house parties 2015-05-07
When everyones drunk at a house party, there's always a massive queue for the toilet! When you're...
Knocking heads together 2015-05-04
I saw a woman knock two men's heads together in a bar. She knocked them out, and everyone cheered