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Behind Closed Doors


How would you tickle me? 2017-01-18
I am an 18 year old male about 5'9" tall. This poll is for you girls and guys to decide on h...
Did you ever taste a cake with your whole face at home? :-)) (boys only!!) 2017-01-17
Boys, did you ever get your whole face stuffed into a cake by a girl or a woman at home during a ...
Coming back home full of mud :-)) (boys only!!) 2017-01-17
Boys, have you ever been badly teased, faced or scolded by your mother, coming back home full of ...
Spanquest II Feedback Poll #1 2017-01-11
This is a poll for the purpose of taking feedback by players of the game Spanquest II. Found he...
Everybody into the mud :-)) (girls only!!) 2017-01-10
Girls, how many times did you end into the mud after an embarrassing prank, accident or a volunta...
Me vs YOU in a wrestling match!!! 2017-01-04
I am a 5'11 tall and 150 pound 18 year old male. I can only bench press 110 pounds max and squat ...
Guys Experiences Wearing Panties 2017-01-04
An in depth look at guys experiences wearing panties and some fun 'what ifs"
Questions for guys (short version) 2017-01-04
Pretty much self explantory. Just questions for guys. Should be a quick poll.
Teen guys questions 2017-01-04
Just some questions for teens guys. Teen guy looking to see what I have in common with other teen...
A Turn On (for guys only) 2017-01-04
A Turn On (for guys only)
How should i spank my son? 2016-12-26
I have 11 and 12 year old boys who are very naughty they get it to fights at school, cuss at home...
Going potty in preschool or daycare. 2016-12-26
If you remember your preschool years, what was privacy like in the "potty room"? If yo...
f/m fantasy tv/film spanking 2016-12-26
hi im very much into f/m spanking would love to know who guys or ladies would like to be spanke d...
Potty terms 2016-12-26
What words did you use with your kids?
Boys and the world of peep-peep 2016-12-08
A poll for boys about their peepeeing habits when the were little.
decide my future 2016-12-08
you pick what i do next time i am at the pool locker room.
Peeing your pants 2016-12-06
There have been no pee polls in over a year! So here's one.
ALIEN ABDUCTION - Have you experienced alien abduction or something similar 2016-12-06
This poll has the aim of investigating memories of alien abduction or events that resemble alien ...
Careless Exposure 2016-12-06
I am writing this poll to discover what everyone's views are regarding careless exposure. Up unti...
Decide My Punishment 2016-12-06
Im a 13 year old Boy and i have been very naughty (bad grades, disobiedence, fighting, stealing a...
Humiliating experiences in public 2016-12-06
Humiliating experiences in public
My Wife vs Cousins Wife 2016-12-06
My wife and the wife of my cousin have this unsaid competiton between em about who is sexier. and...
Happiness is a pie in the face? :-)) (girls only!!) 2016-12-06
Girls, did you ever shove a pie on your face with your hands as funny, weird or embarrassing joke...
Guys - First time wearing panties 2016-12-06
Guys what was it like the first time you wore panties?
BOYS - Peeplace 2016-12-06
Boys, except for the potty or toilet (or your pants) check all of the places you have gone pee.