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Behind Closed Doors


Should I become a bed-wetter? 2015-11-26
Every night I have to get up and use the bathroom, no matter what I do. This makes me not sleep w...
Nudist/Naturist Holidays 2015-11-26
A poll to see if people will be celebrating the winter holidays this year in a nudist/naturist fa...
Pooping your pants on accident. (Youthanasia REPOST)! 2015-11-25
Hello everyone! this poll is different from the original in a few ways, the grammatical issues ha...
Feeling Manly (for guys 13-25) 2015-11-24
Feeling Manly (for guys 13-25)
older kids in diapers 3 2015-11-21
Like in my fist http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/598728 and my second poll http://www.misterpol...
Naked bloopers at home :-)) (adult boys only!!) 2015-11-18
Guys, how many times have you been caught without clothes by a girl or a woman, alone at home in ...
Public Showers 2015-11-18
This poll has been created to give an view into public showers.
Diaper At Work 2015-11-17
Poll for those who wear diapers for work because they have to, not because they want to.
Embarrassing bloopers with your aunt :-)) (girls only!!) 2015-11-17
Girls, how many times have you been badly teased, scolded or subjected to embarrassing pranks by ...
Girls Naughty Peeing at a Party 2015-11-16
In what naughty places have you peed or seen a girl peeing at a party.
boys hair 2015-11-16
When I was 12 I started to grow hairs in places I never had hairs before, and I was quite proud o...
Mothers & bloopers with pee in public:-)) (adult women only!!) 2015-11-16
Women, how many times (since you are a mother) did you have to keep your pee over any limit durin...
Lets talk about polyandry 2015-09-14
Polyandry: when a woman takes more than one husband at the same time. If you're not in a polya...
Will she beat me in everything? 2015-09-14
While jogging in morning, I saw a woman walking faster than me. I'm male of age 20, 5'4'', 60kg. ...
Burping (For girls only) 2015-09-14
I know there's already a ton of these, but one more can't hurt, right? This is geared toward gir...
Punishment story 2 only for physicaly disabled 2015-08-31
I have my special experiences with different punishments. How wear you punished at home and at sc...
Mothers & bloopers into your dressing room :-)) (adult boys only!!) 2015-08-26
Boys, have you ever been caught by your mother into your dressing room after a show/performance o...
Punishment story 2015-08-26
I have my personal special experiences with different punishments (at home and at school). How ar...
What are good punishments 2015-08-24
What are good punishments
thoughts(guys only) 2015-08-24
thoughts(guys only)
Tease Me for Wearing Footie PJs 2015-08-24
I wear footie pajamas and I'm not a kid, but people don't tease me about it. I want them to though
For guys with small penises 2015-08-17
For guys with small penises
bad tickling experiences 2015-08-17
an write all you want about tickling experiences you had
Desperate Pee Scenarios for Girls 2015-08-17
Some scenarios for what girls would do when desperate to pee.
Girls, do you want to be my online slave? 2015-08-13
I want to find a nice slave for online chatting :)