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Behind Closed Doors


Cleaning & washing the floor :-)) (boys only!!) 2016-04-28
Boys, did you ever try to embarrassing experience of cleaning and washing a floor under the super...
Unusual Vagina Inspections 2016-04-28
This poll is to find out how many girls have had an unusual experience during a pelvic exam or an...
Allowed to wet 2016-04-23
When I was young my mother didn't seem to mind if we wet our knickers, she was never angry if she...
Did you ever come back home full of mud ? (boys only!!) 2016-04-23
Boys, have you ever been faced, teased or scolded by your mother after coming back home completel...
Making Out: Girls Only 2016-04-23
Brief poll on girls' preferences while making out.
Extended well-child and well teen physicals 2016-04-23
In certain areas the health authorities has begun to subject children and teens to extended well-...
I Want a Chubby-Related Nickname 2016-04-23
I want to be a big fat girl and I want to be nicknamed based on it
Hardest "Dont Pee Challenge" Ever 2016-04-23
Infant Teachers and Poopy Diapers 2016-04-23
This poll is for infant teachers and infant caregivers in a daycare, or infant room setting, that...
Some Guy Stuff (for guys 13-25) 2016-04-23
Some Guy Stuff (for guys 13-25)
Are you a Turd Burgler? 2016-03-08
Would you describe yourself a a Turd Burgler?
Bladder Stretching 2016-03-01
I've heard of this as a tool for both punishment and helping with bladder control. I was wonderin...
CD Xenia to be gunged/slimed/pied 2016-02-19
Xenia has agreed to put certain parameters of her next messy session up for vote. She is a very s...
tickling celebrities ... :P 2016-02-10
Which ticklish celeb should tickle the other ticklish celebrity? You get to choose ;)
Punishment 2016-01-13
Just curious to hear your experiences.
I have an Iron Bladder 2015-12-29
You trained your bladder on purpose to a real iron bladder and you are proud about it. Please ...
Submissive Lesbian 2015-12-18
How sub are you?
Telling my girlfriend about my crossdressing 2015-12-17
I have no clue whether i should tell my girlfriend or not about my crossdressing. I'm not leaving...
I just got spanked (time sensitive poll) discipline only 2015-12-07
This is for those who received a discipline spanking within the last 2 hour span. If you run acro...
wet bed 2015-12-07
Do you wet your bed?
Toilets with and without urinals 2015-12-07
At least one UK university has replaced the signs on some of their toilets with "Toilets&quo...
Just Guy Stuff (for guys 13-25) 2015-11-29
Just Guy Stuff (for guys 13-25)
Should I become a bed-wetter? 2015-11-26
Every night I have to get up and use the bathroom, no matter what I do. This makes me not sleep w...
Nudist/Naturist Holidays 2015-11-26
A poll to see if people will be celebrating the winter holidays this year in a nudist/naturist fa...
Pooping your pants on accident. (Youthanasia REPOST)! 2015-11-25
Hello everyone! this poll is different from the original in a few ways, the grammatical issues ha...