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Behind Closed Doors


falaka / bastinado 2015-05-19
your friend ask you to help in the punishment of the daughter and offers you to spank her soft se...
Nudism 2015-05-19
Exploring the nudist side of you.
giving boys a makeover (GIRLS ONLY) 2015-05-19
i want to know what you do when you decide to dress a boy up as a girl by giving him a makeover. ...
What would you do to a sexy bi boy 18 2015-05-11
Hi I'm a sexy 18 year old bi boy with strong slim tanned legs. I'm scared of the dark, spiders, ...
Back yard sleepover 2015-05-11
You are having a sleep over at your friends his in a dome tent in the back yard and other than th...
Child birth (Girls only) 2015-05-11
A poll about giving birth. This poll is for girls only. If you are a boy, please only answer th...
Need punishment 2015-05-11
I've been staying with a friend of the family for a couple of weeks because my mum had to go out ...
Spanking My Favorite Male Celebs 2015-05-11
Describe How you would spank each of these Celebrity Boys and Pairings! Include -Time Frame -...
Straight, Curious, and Other Guy Stuff (for guys 13-25) 2015-05-11
Straight, Curious, and Other Guy Stuff (for guys 13-25)
Family Enemas 2015-05-11
This poll goes in detail of past and present use of enemas in families. It will cover whether ene...
Girls: Short Skirts 2015-05-11
Questions about your short skirts.
Girls and Bisexual Guys For Ladies Only 2015-05-11
How many girls would choose a bi guy over a straight guy?
Self punishment 2015-05-07
Help me decide some punishment for my self. I'm male aged 20
Girls peeing inside at house parties 2015-05-07
When everyones drunk at a house party, there's always a massive queue for the toilet! When you're...
Knocking heads together 2015-05-04
I saw a woman knock two men's heads together in a bar. She knocked them out, and everyone cheered
Me or Eliza? Wedgie face-off, with pics! 2015-05-04
Who is resigned to their wedgie fate? You decide!
Watching pies in the face on TV :-)) (girls/women only!!) 2015-05-04
Girls, women, how many times did you enjoy a huge pie fight on TV watching a movie with other gir...
masturbating in front of family 2015-05-04
Looking to see how many people are comfortable masturbating in front of their parents or siblings.
Married woman sexual experience 2015-05-04
This poll is strictly designed for married women to be able to express their opinion regarding th...
my punishment 2015-05-04
I have to be punished for not having cleaned the house for more than two weeks ago.
Pubes (for girls and young women) 2015-05-04
This poll is for girls and young women with pubic hair (or could grow pubes if they chose). Guys ...
Summer Fun and Shirtless (for teen and college age guys) 2015-05-04
Summer Fun and Shirtless (for teen and college age guys)
The first pie in the face from mom:-)) (girls only!!) 2015-05-04
Girls, did you ever fulfill your slapstick fantasies getting your first pie in the face from your...
gunge session 2015-05-04
I will gunge myself soon. I want you to decide how I do it.
Celebrity Spanking 2015-05-04
Which male singers and actors do you want to spank? Which ones do you want to spank you?