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Behind Closed Doors


Slapped by mom!! (girls only) 2015-08-26
Girls, did you ever get a slap on your face by your mother in private or in public, ending silenc...
Mothers & bloopers into your dressing room :-)) (adult boys only!!) 2015-08-26
Boys, have you ever been caught by your mother into your dressing room after a show/performance o...
Punishment story 2015-08-26
I have my personal special experiences with different punishments (at home and at school). How ar...
What are good punishments 2015-08-24
What are good punishments
thoughts(guys only) 2015-08-24
thoughts(guys only)
Tease Me for Wearing Footie PJs 2015-08-24
I wear footie pajamas and I'm not a kid, but people don't tease me about it. I want them to though
For guys with small penises 2015-08-17
For guys with small penises
bad tickling experiences 2015-08-17
an write all you want about tickling experiences you had
Desperate Pee Scenarios for Girls 2015-08-17
Some scenarios for what girls would do when desperate to pee.
Girls, do you want to be my online slave? 2015-08-13
I want to find a nice slave for online chatting :)
What is the average penis size? 2015-08-13
According to some studies/polls, the average penis size is 5.2 inches. I have my doubts about this.
Wake up pranks & pies in the face :-)) (girls only!!) 2015-08-13
Girls, did you ever get a pie shoved on your face while staying into your bed as perfect (and des...
Avatar girls, cosplay wedgies ! 2015-08-13
A whole wedgie jamboree here, come pick and punish your favorites!
Girls Wrestling Guys 2015-08-13
Can you defeat the opposite gender in physical contests of wrestling and strength?
Nail Biting 2015-08-12
Do you (or did you used to) bite your nails? Do you look at them a lot? Do you notice other peopl...
Backpacker in Jail Fantasy - II 2015-08-11
That is follow up of my previous poll (www.misterpoll.com/polls/605040) describing the lot of a 1...
Wake up pranks & pies in the face :-)) (boys only!!) 2015-07-23
Boys, did you ever get a pie shoved on your face by a girl or a woman while staying into your bed...
Backpacker in Jail Fantasy 2015-07-22
Imagine a 19 year old male backpacker who is caught with some dope on a polynesian island. He is ...
tighty whites/ locker room 2015-07-22
mens underwear pol and locker room
The Foot Fetishists Mission: Chapter One 2015-07-22
I find online that there aren't many foot fetish text games online so this one I have constructed...
Customs Search 2015-07-22
a poll for people who have been searched at customs
Bra and Panties match done. 2015-07-22
Over at http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/604295/results I made a poll where you gugs helped me gat...
Girls Only: Measuring a Guys Naked Hardness 2015-07-22
A poll asking girls questions about measuring a guy.
Girls Naughty Peeing 2015-07-22
Where have you peed that you shouldn't have?
best teen physical exam poll for males 2015-07-22
best teen physical exam poll for males