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Behind Closed Doors


About yourself. (Girls Only) 2014-10-20
Just a fun little poll all about you! Feel free to not answer any questions you're uncomfortable ...
Cleaning & washing muddy clothes :-)) (adult women only!!) 2014-10-20
Women, how many times have you been forced to clean and wash clothes full of mud at home, feeling...
Coming back home full of mud :-)) (boys only!!) 2014-10-20
Boys, how many times did you come back home full of mud after a prank or accident, being badly te...
Swimming Pool Pee 2014-10-09
How many people pee in the pool while swimming
Guys: Dares that you have been given and done. 2014-10-06
This survey is for guys only, and is about dares that you've done.
GIRLS ONLY: Seeing a Guy Naked Ver. 2 2014-10-06
Questions gathering information about seeing a guy naked.
Foreskin & Groin Attack 2014-10-06
<p>How much protection does the foreskin offer a man or boy that becomes the victim of a gr...
blowjobs- getting and giving 2014-10-06
I love sucking guys off! I want to find out what boys and men want when they get blown.
GIRLS ONLY: giving boys a makeover 2014-10-06
i want to know what you do when you turn boys into a girl by giving them a makeover with clothes,...
Guys: Peeing your pants on purpose for fun. 2014-09-29
This survey is only for guys, and is about peeing your pants on purpose just for fun.
Soap Out My Mouth 2014-09-29
I'm a girl in my 20s and I feel I've gotten a bit of a dirty mouth. I'd like for someone to set s...
Mini pool change room. 2014-09-23
At the local pool instead of two large change rooms there are many smaller change rooms that can ...
Penis satisfaction survey for women. 2014-09-23
Penis satisfaction survey for women.
Gunge forfeit 2014-09-23
Hello, I've recently lost a bet with a female friend and my forfeit is to be gunged. Please answe...
Nappies at night (kids/teens) 2014-09-23
I have to wear nappies at night now cos i wet the bed too much. Who else wears nappies at night?
Girls who dare smoking a cigarette :-)) (non-smoking girls only!!) 2014-09-23
Dedicated to non-smoking girls, did you ever light up a first, secret and last cigarette alone at...
spanking how do you do it to your son or boy under your care? 2014-09-23
How parents and other authority figures spank their youn preteen boys under their care
Mothers & bloopers at the bakery :-)) (adult women only!!) 2014-09-23
Women, how many times (since you are mother) have you been badly teased by female bakers laughing...
naked: the ultimate poll(guys only) 2014-09-23
This poll gets all the nude questions and answers out there.
A poll about breasts 2014-09-23
A poll about breasts
Shoes and socks removed by a friend's mom 2014-09-19
I've seen a few of these polls already but this one is more focused on who is taking off your sho...
WOOD U LOVE TO SEE little girls naked ALL THE time 2014-09-19
U know like SEEIN little girls naked IN school AT home IN public
What do you think 2014-09-19
I am curious as to what people think about spanking.
Wetting the bed (kids/teens) 2014-09-19
Do you wet the bed?
When and how did you lose your virginity 2014-09-15
I want to know about your first time having sex. This is for both males and females so share your...