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Behind Closed Doors


Girls Only: Your Favorite Position 2017-04-24
Question for girls asking about your favorite positions.
Tell me about yourself, the real you. 2017-04-21
Please Essay time! Thank you
Labia Length 2017-04-14
Labia Length
Getting the "Birthday Special" (Coffee and PIES IN THE FACE) from your mom! 2017-04-11
So one time, I made the mistake (?) of telling my mom I had always wanted her to pie me in the fa...
Girls vs Boys: Strength & Wrestling 2017-04-11
How strong am I compared to females? Do I stand a chance in a wrestling match?
Girls Only: Taste Testing Cream 2017-04-06
Poll asking girls questions about taste testing.
physical boys 2017-04-02
physical boys
Girls desperation 2017-04-01
This poll is about what you would do if you were desperate for the toilet and couldn't go.
Why is there always a line for the Ladies room? 2017-03-30
I'm creating this poll to try to answer the age old question, and to explore some potential solut...
Part 2 of family clothing growing up 2017-03-30
My other part 2 poll was not excepted due to deep intense questions. This time I will keep things...
Girls - do you need to go? 2017-03-28
This poll is for girls who need to go to the toilet.
Girls - little accidents in bed 2017-03-28
This poll is about the last time you had a little accident in bed.
Girls - wetting your panties 2017-03-28
This poll is about girls wetting their panties.
Girls and puddles on the floor 2017-03-28
This poll us about girls making puddles on the floor, whether accidental or on purpose.
Girls bedwetting (friend's bed) 2017-03-24
This poll is about friends wetting each other's beds.
Teenage girls and little accidents 2017-03-23
This poll is about teenage girls having "little accidents" (wetting).
Bodybuilding and More (poll for guys) 2017-03-21
Bodybuilding and More (poll for guys)
Daycare what do you remember about it. 2017-03-21
The world has now experienced 30 years plus of kids being placed in daycare while the parents wor...
Decide my chastity 2017-03-18
I have been dared to set up a chastity session for me on EmlaLock (www.emlalock.com), and you wil...
Physical Exams with Dad/Son 2017-03-18
Have you ever had a physical exam with your father or son?
How did you grow up with family then and now with clothing. 2017-03-13
Just a poll to see people's opinion on what they wear at home back when you were younger or now i...
At the pool and beach 2017-03-12
What guys/lads get up to at the pool or the beach. Searchwords: guy man men boy boys swim swim...
Girls, get GREEN SLIMED by this You Can't Do that on Television poll!! 2017-03-12
EVERYONE loves to see girls get the green slime GLOPPED all over them! You Can't Do That on Telev...
Do guys who have this attract girls? 2017-03-09
Do guys who have this attract girls?
A toes poll 2017-03-08
Toes being kissed/licked/sucked. Sexy or twisted?