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Behind Closed Doors


Heather's New Rules 2016-10-28
Hey everybody! Heather here again. I have a new poll about what different people are allowed to d...
Help self spanking 2016-10-28
So I've nobody to spank me so I'm going to have to do it myself however I feel you guys should de...
Women: How did you get your man to wear panties? 2016-10-28
For women who have gotten your man to wear panties how did you do it?
Lipstick 2016-10-27
I'm just curious and would really like your honest opinions
Privacy for Changing 2016-10-26
If you have been in an activity that required changing, how much privacy did you get? Were you ch...
How do you go shirtless comfortably 2016-10-25
How do you go shirtless comfortably
Dirty watching & pies in the face on TV :-)) (boys only!!) 2016-10-23
Boys, did you ever watch a pie in the face movie/scene/episode on TV toghether with a girl/woman,...
Soap in the face from mom :-)) (boys only!!) 2016-10-23
Boys, how many times did you have your whole face soaped by your mother (despite your adult age!!...
Cool Bro Stuff (for guys) 2016-10-23
Cool Bro Stuff (for guys)
Social Media "Challenges" - How far is too far? (Females) 2016-10-23
Over the last few years, "challenges" have been making the rounds on Facebook, and with...
Mixed Wrestling Boob Grab 2016-10-23
Girls, has a guy ever grabbed your boobs when wrestling? Guys, ever grabbed a girls boobs when wr...
For girls only 2016-10-13
What you like
Mixed Wrestling Orgasm 2016-10-13
Have you or your opponent ever had an orgasm in a mixed wrestling match?
diaper boys( boys poll) 2016-10-13
how many of you boys like diapers
Cleaning & bloopers at home :-)) (adult women only!!) 2016-10-01
Women, how many times did you clean and wash your floor at home, with happiness, rage or embarras...
Coming back home in wet or dirty clothes :-)) (boys only!!) 2016-10-01
Boys, how many times did you come back home completely wet or dirty after embarrassing pranks or ...
What do men find sexy 2016-10-01
what do you find sexy
Do you like pee holding polls 2016-10-01
do you enjoy holding your pee
Human Neutering 2016-09-30
Girls Only: Cheating on Your Guy 2016-09-29
A poll asking questions about whether girls would cheat.
Make-up & bloopers at the mirror :-)) (boys only!!) 2016-09-25
Boys, did you ever get your whole face covered with a funny, weird or embarrassing treatment by a...
Cleaning & bloopers like in a silent movie.....:-)) (adult women only!!) 2016-09-24
Women, how many times did you feel amused, embarrassed or furious during your cleaning routines, ...
Beauty masks & bloopers at home :-)) (adult women only!!) 2016-09-24
Women, how many times did you cover your whole face with a beauty mask alone in front of your mir...
Working & bloopers with your female boss :-)) (boys only!!) 2016-09-21
Boys, have you ever been regularly teased, scolded and subjected to any type of embarrassing bloo...
Pies in the face at the mirror :-)) (boys only!!) 2016-09-21
Boys, did you ever shove a pie on your face alone at the mirror as pure and secret fun, ending wi...