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Behind Closed Doors


Wake up pranks & pies in the face :-)) (boys only!!) 2015-07-23
Boys, did you ever get a pie shoved on your face by a girl or a woman while staying into your bed...
Backpacker in Jail Fantasy 2015-07-22
Imagine a 19 year old male backpacker who is caught with some dope on a polynesian island. He is ...
tighty whites/ locker room 2015-07-22
mens underwear pol and locker room
The Foot Fetishists Mission: Chapter One 2015-07-22
I find online that there aren't many foot fetish text games online so this one I have constructed...
Help Me Discipline My 18 Year Old Son 2015-07-22
A few days ago my 18 year old son had a buddy spend the night. I walked in on them engaged in sex...
Customs Search 2015-07-22
a poll for people who have been searched at customs
Bra and Panties match done. 2015-07-22
Over at http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/604295/results I made a poll where you gugs helped me gat...
Girls Only: Measuring a Guys Naked Hardness 2015-07-22
A poll asking girls questions about measuring a guy.
Girls Naughty Peeing 2015-07-22
Where have you peed that you shouldn't have?
best teen physical exam poll for males 2015-07-22
best teen physical exam poll for males
Gay Boys Fantasies 2015-07-22
Interested to know what gay boys think bout when then jack off
Mothers & bloopers at home:-)) (adult women only!!) 2015-07-22
Women, how many times (since you are a mother) have you been involved into embarrassing accidents...
boys underwear 2015-07-22
Any guys out there who want to share any story about underwear? Stories about stealing underwear...
Would You Let Another Person Punish Your Partner 2015-07-22
I was wondering how many people would allow another person to punish their partner for something ...
Swimwear for guys 2015-07-22
Looking at swimwear styles and habits for boys and men
was darf alex anziehen? 2015-07-10
Alex ist 14 Jahre alt. Er sollte möglichst wenig anziehen, finde ich. Denn so wird er ein junge...
Feet Poll 2015-07-10
I have a foot fetish, I'm just putting it out there and I'm curious to hear what you'd do in the ...
Truth or dare 2015-07-10
Pick my truth or dare. I'll post the truths in the messages and the dares on my insta @t_y_bright...
Random Guy Stuff (for guys 13-25) 2015-07-10
Random Guy Stuff (for guys 13-25)
When you pee (boys only) 2015-07-10 (closed)
When you pee (boys only)
Do clothing choices affect behavior? 2015-07-10
Did you know that the clothes you wear might affect how confident you are, or how calm you are wh...
Sexuality 2015-07-10
This poll solicits information on sexuality and fetishes for the purpose of determining the distr...
UK men underwear 2015-07-10
To see what UK blokes are wearing ... if anything! Please answer with what you mostly wear.
punish bath 2015-07-10
were you ever given a cold bath, shower, sponge bath, or hosing down as a punishment? Have you ev...
Mothers into wet & messy fights :-)) (adult women only!!) 2015-07-10
Women, how many times (since you are a mother) have you been involved into wet, messy and unbelie...