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Anime / Manga


Ranma 1/2 Cursed Springs 2009-06-25
In Ranma 1/2 there is a training grownd in the Qinghai Province of China called Jusenkyo. It's fu...
Naruto vs One Piece 2012-03-15
Which is the best all around?!
Bleach,,,WOOOHOOOO!!!! 2008-08-21
Dragonball Z What-Ifs 2009-03-13
Asking your opinions on some what-if issues of Dragonball Z.
Bleach Poll 2010-04-12
A poll with very specific to very broad questions. You're likely to answer multiple questions wit...
What's your favorite anime show ever!!!!! 2004-09-13
this poll is about like on what's your favorite anime show ever meaning on your best anime show y...
Every Pokemon - The Ultimate Poll 2007-11-13
This poll has every Pokemon in it, 1-493. I put them into groups of around 25 to make it easier, ...
Avatar:The Last Airbender Poll!!11!!oneone 2006-03-02
So we all know and love Avatar:the Last Airbender/Avatar:The Legend of Aang/Master of the Element...
Air Gear Couples 2009-05-28
best anime 2009-01-17 (closed)
I looked this up at the top 100 anime list. (according to TV asahi) I chose the first twenty-one ...
Dragonball Z Poll 231 2008-12-04
A poll about DBZ. The 231 is just to distinguish this poll from other polls.
Violence and Eroticism in Manga and Anime 2011-04-01
Violence and Eroticism in Manga and Anime
Naruto and Hinata (rare/hated) Pairs 2008-12-27
Naruto and Hinata (rare/hated) Pairs
Who Should Be Together? Hinata and Naruto, or Sakura and Naruto? 2009-07-10
Who Should Be Together? Hinata and Naruto, or Sakura and Naruto?
The Best of Anime (Items) 2009-11-11
Vote for your favorite items from animes. <a href='http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/438978'>...
kikyo vs kagome 2010-05-02
kikyo vs kagome
Anime vs American cartoons 2003-06-05
Please pick which one you prefer in general... thx =)
Naruto Couples 2007-06-25
Who should be with who?
How should we kill Cream the Rabbit? 2008-01-22
How should we kill Cream the Rabbit?
Best Anime Shows and Characters 2008-07-26
Best Anime Shows and Characters
bleach pop quiz - Arrancar 2007-06-08
How much do you really know about the arrancars in bleach? take this pop quiz and find out!
The Best of Anime 2 (Miscellaneous) 2009-08-29
Vote for your favorite anime in miscallaneous categories. I put in characters from animes and man...
ANIME 2008-11-26 (closed)
This is a poll for anime in general. (I somewhat based it off of anime nfo). I need some data for...
What is your favourite anime or manga? 2009-02-28
which is your favourite?
":~.~:"Which Do You Prefer":~.~:" 2009-04-28
Bleach Characters Zanpakutos and Couples :D