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Anime / Manga


Naruto Characters 2006-07-11
A poll about a variety of Naruto characters in the anime.
2nd Miss To-LOVE-ru poll 2009-06-25
It has been a while since the last time, but it's back! The Miss To-LOVE-ru Poll! Alot of things ...
To-LOVE-ru Lala-or-Haruna Poll 2009-08-31
Who among these contenders do love most at Rito's side? Cast your choice!
To-LOVE-ru Miss Ecchiness Poll 2009-04-28
Among all the ladies from this story, four of them have shown us more ecchiness than the PlayBoy ...
Miss To-LOVE-ru 2009-02-04
To-LOVE-ru : the land of beauties... Which one of them is your No.1?
To-LOVE-ru Ending: Which will it be? 2009-02-20
A complicated love triangle... and many mixed-up emotions... Only one ending will prevail...
Anime Couples 2009-06-12
In lots of anime and manga, the protagonist often has more than one option for who he'll end up w...
Bleach Yaoi Couples, Seme and Uke (spoilers for Soul-S Arc) 2006-07-24
Just a fun poll I made for the preferences of the Bleach yaoi fans. Yes, I know we rock 8D ...
Sekirei poll 2010-03-27
A poll about the manga Sekirei.
Best gundam series of all time 2003-12-12
every single gundam series is listed. which is the best of the best?
Favorite Pokemon Poll 2008-06-04
Pick your favorite in each section. You can base it on looks, how well it battles in the games, w...
Fill in your own Narruto Application(Create your own Naruto ninja) 2009-02-04
Have you always dreamed of being a Naruto ninja?or ever wanted to FEEL like you were in Naruto?We...
To-LOVE-ru Mikan-Rito Poll 2009-07-17
Mikan & Rito: the bond that got everyone talking about lately...
To-LOVE-ru Date-Rito Poll 2009-08-03
Many have already, but the most important ones are still on the list. Who's next?
To-LOVE-ru Damzels Poll 2009-08-05
Lala or Haruna? He might be able to only save one...
To-LOVE-ru Yami-Rito Poll 2009-07-24
Will she kill him at the end... or fall under his charm?
Favorite To-LOVE-ru Male Character 2009-03-28
The To-LOVE-ru ladies had their time... it's time for the To-LOVE-ru Boyz to have their shine!
To-LOVE-ru: Cutest/Hottest Support Female Character 2009-03-07
There are just as many girls outside the Rito harem as there are inside it. Among them, who's the...
To-LOVE-ru Wanted Scenes 2009-03-25
Besides the main relationship stuff, there are so many things we'd like to see happen in To-LOVE-...
Risa's performance poll 2009-05-11
She is naughty, perverted, sexy and very daring and bold: she is the reason why the word "pr...
To-LOVE-ru Confession Poll 2009-08-24
A confession is coming... but from whom and to who?
To-LOVE-ru Siblings Poll 2009-04-11
There are good and warm connection of siblings in To-LOVE-ru that we all admire and love.
To-LOVE-ru Rito's attitude towards Lala 2009-06-19
Rito's attitude towards Lala has evolved towards the course of this story, but does he needs to g...
K-on, I would do this with... 2010-07-14
K-on, I would do this with...
Naruto Pairings 2006-05-25
Naruto is a manga/anime that has an endless array of pairings to choose from. Go ahead and pick ...