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Pets / Animals


Are dolphins as smart as humans? 2010-06-14 (closed)
Click on the box that you think best answers the question.
Do you consider humans as animals? 2010-06-01 (closed)
Do you consider humans as animals?
Name the cat! 2010-05-29 (closed)
Help me choose the name and spelling of my new found cat. She is white, fluffy and awesome.
Ducks!!! 2010-05-29
This poll is all about ducks!
Horse Poll 2010-05-27
Horse Poll
Is animal cruelity o.k.! 2010-05-20
Is animal cruelity o.k.!
Is it o.k. to kill an animal for no reason (discluding defense and proper huntin 2010-05-20
Is it ok to kill animals like snakes, bunnies, birds, deer, etc for no reason other than defense ...
Whats the cutest breed of dog? 2010-05-17
Whats the cutest breed of dog?
Bull fighting (people from spain only) 2010-04-29 (closed)
Thank you for your answers!
Favorite Pet 2010-04-24
What is your favorite pet????
What Should I Call My Dog? 2010-04-22 (closed)
I'm getting an Irish Wolfhound/Lurcher Collie cross soon, and we've wittled it down to three poss...
animal abuse? 2010-04-22 (closed)
animal abuse?
Dogs with wrinkly/skin fold faces 2010-04-09
Wondering if people are having skin issues with their dogs - particularly with skin folds and wri...
Puppy Names 2010-03-28 (closed)
Puppy Names
New Dog's Name 2010-03-26 (closed)
So we got a new puppy yesterday and we are looking for a name. Our last two dogs have been names...
Are you worried, that the biodiversity could get lost because of human beings? 2010-03-26 (closed)
Are you worried, that the biodiversity (variety of species in the plants and animal area) could g...
Equestrian Questions 2010-03-21
Just a few fun questions about riding horses.
Why you keep Java Sparrows? 2010-03-16
Some people keep Java Sparrows (also known as Java Finches and Rice Birds) because breeding them ...
Pet Dragon 2010-03-05
Would you like a pet dragon? What would it be like? Also, here is a dragon <a href="http:...
Do dinosaurs have 2 or 5 fingered claws? 2010-03-03 (closed)
Do dinosaurs have 2 or 5 fingered claws?
Wat is ur favorite animal 2010-01-14
Wat is ur favorite animal
Best dog names 2010-01-14 (closed)
Choose the best dog names.
Werewolf Slaves 2010-01-14
Werewolf Slaves
Which Would Win? 2009-12-21
Imagine if these animals fought. Which one would win? Would there be a convincing winnner? New ...
Pet Names- Cats 2009-12-12 (closed)
Pick your favorite cat name :)